Sabbat Of The Witch Now Available On Steam With Free R18+ Patch
Sabat of the Witch

Yuzusoft and NeykoNyan’s visual novel, Sabbat of the Witch, is currently available for purchase on Steam right now in its all-ages version along with offering gamers an R18+ patch for those who want to upgrade their interactive entertainment for the full-on waifu experience. [Update: Take note that while the patch adds more adult-oriented content, there are reports from users that there are still basic mosiacs in place during the sex scenes]

Sabbat of the Witch is currently going for $29.99, but during the first week of being on sale you can get it for 10% off for only $26.99. It’s also available in a publisher bundle from NeykoNyan that has it paired with Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ for $59.98, but once again you can get it for 15% off during the first week of release for $51.28.

Luckily the R18+ uncensored patch that adds all the naughty bits to the game is completely free. You can grab the free R18+ patch from the Steam DLC page right now.

Sabat of the Witch - Being Naughty At School

Due to Valve’s new policy of developers having to add descriptors to 18+ games now, you can find out if Sabbat of the Witch has the kind of adult-oriented content to satisfy your curiosity.

The descriptor notes that there’s mostly a lot of consensual sex of a steep variety in the game, along with one uncensored scene that contains “begrudging consent”.

One of the other features that was removed from the visual novel that was restored through the R18+ DLC is the full-screen view of the supposedly NSFW panty shots.

Sabat of the Witch - Panty Shot

The full version of the visual novel actually has an interesting story about two characters who have secrets, one of whom turns out to be a modern day witch. The visual novel attempts to stay lighthearted as the protagonist and deuteragonist explore each other’s most intimate secrets and desires, as well as dealing with supernatural surprises brought on by the other witches.

Sabbat of the Witch supports anywhere between 40 and 50 hours of content, multiple routes, and a lead protagonist who isn’t just another faceless loser. You can learn more about the visual novel by visiting the Steam store.


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