Sakura MMO Uncensored R18+ Patch Available For Download
Sakura MMO

Winged Cloud never disappoints when it comes to providing visual novel fans with all the curvaceous courtesans that gamers could ever want. They seem to dabble heavily in one fetish or another, spanning an impressive and ever-growing library of content across a number of visual novel categories (save for the Otome genre, of course).

The VN-aficionado’s latest creation is Sakura MMO, which is an ecchi visual novel about a young girl transported into a fictional and sexy MMO called “Asaph Online”. According to SteamUncensored you can download the R18+ uncensored patch for the visual novel right now.

  1. First thing is first, you’ll need to download the patch from the Winged Cloud website.
  2. Copy the assets.rpa file into the Steam folder.
  3. You’ll need to overwrite the file in the Steamapps/common/Sakura MMO/ directory.

Once you complete that step, you’re done!

Now you have a fully uncensored rendition of Sakura MMO.

The game within a game trope centers around an average chick named Kotone who plays the MMO “Asaph Online” in her spare time when she gets home for work. Within the MMO she plays as a seductive witch who goes by the handle Viola. One day she’s magically transported into the game’s world where she embodies the character of Viola, a sadistic and powerful with who loves to turn those beneath her into play things.

Things get hot and spicy when Viola strikes up sexual relationships with her trusty maid Neve, and another female adventurer named Fion.

Sakura MMO - Witch and Maid Lesbian Embrace

Players will experience the story of Viola, as she navigates a world where she’s an all-powerful witch, something that Kotone wasn’t used to her in normal everyday life. However, even within the game world, Kotone learns to embrace the softer side of Viola’s more hauteur persona.

Along the way, players get to experience all manner of sexiness from the voluptuous cast of characters, where they strip down and engage in plenty of yuri-laced encounters.

Sakura MMO - Mud Bath

That’s not to mention that the outfits that the characters don are all enough to get SJWs a stroke or a heart attack if they could be pried away from raping women and little kids long enough to get offended at the fictional drawings.

Neve’s outfit especially leaves little to the imagination but gives you an eye-full worth of titillating treasures.

Sakura MMO -- Butt Cheeks

You can pick up a digital copy of Sakura MMO right now from the Steam store for only $9.99. During the first week of being on sale you can actually get the game for for 25% off the normal price for only $7.49.


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