Silverio Trinity Japanese Release Affected By Sony’s New PS4 Censorship Policy

Silverio Trinity

Visual novel maker Light recently took to NicoNico to discuss the upcoming PS4 port of Silverio Trinity, which, according to VNDB, came out on PC back in 2017. The Japanese-only release, however, is apparently being upheld in its console release due to Sony’s censorship policy regarding fan-service.

According to a translation provided by Niche Gamer, there’s a small transcription from the stream over on that outlines how Light briefly discussed their encounter with Sony’s new censorship policy regarding fan-service. According to the Light representative, they mentioned…

“[…] At last week’s event we discussed applying for an application request at Sony [to release the game on PS4], since we’re close to finishing up the master version of the game. However, we have not yet passed through the application process.


“Now, Sony seems to have a policy prohibiting porting 18+ games worldwide at this time. And this game more or less has 18+ content so it’s going through a very serious and strict content review investigation. There are difficult questions you have to answer to confirm [what sort of content is in the game]. [The form] also requires being written out in English.”


“So right now I’m in the middle of answering all of the questions in order to complete the application for certification, and still trying to learn and understand in order to move forward. It’s a dreadful and terrifying experience… but I’m getting better at it as it becomes more clear.”

The article notes that if everything goes through as planned, you can expect to see Silverio Trinity released on the PS4 by the new year in 2019… in Japan. Again, this is assuming that Light gets through the certification process for the new censorship policy, which affects all games being released on the PlayStation 4.

The fact that the application is in English makes things a bit difficult for Japanese studios that don’t speak or write English, which means they either have to learn English or outsource.

If you’re wondering why not just release the game on other platforms, it’s because Light already promised to release the visual novel on the PlayStation 4. However, as pointed out in the article, the Light representative mentioned that if they decided to release the game on Steam for PC, they could likely have it out within a week or two.

This new policy that Sony has implemented is separate from the CERO rating system that categorizes thematic material in video games in Japan. No matter what rating you get from CERO, if your game has fan-service in it then it will have to go through Sony’s new content certification process.

But what’s more is that Sony is policing fan-service content even for games that only release in Japan, which is what happened with the PS4 release of Nora to Oujo to Noraneko.

A Marvelous Entertainment affiliate partner started a petition in hopes of getting Sony to step back from their censorious new policy, but the policy seems to have already spread from censoring and prohibiting the release of games in the West (such as Omega Labyrinth Z and Super Seducer) to censoring games in Japan as well.

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