SJWs Whine And Complain That Goblin Slayer Anime Promotes Rape Culture

Goblin Slayer SJWs

Crunchyroll and Funimation’s streaming of Takaharu Ozaki’s Goblin Slayer anime, which is based on a manga series that was based on a dark-fantasy novel, has come under fire from the Social Justice Warrior social media circles who have taken offense to the show’s unbridled look at the barbaric nature of the invading goblin hordes that run amok within the show’s fictional fantasy land. Many of these Social Justice Warriors quickly took to Twitter to pout and pule over the fact that Goblin Slayer depicted the uncompromising results of what happens when goblin savages get a hold of nubile human females.

Sankaku Complex captured some of the more outlandish tweets from that circle, compiling them for easy reading.

The criticisms popped up after the airing of the first episode, which featured a mostly female adventuring group who ends up in a goblin cave, only for them to get raped and killed. The not safe for work scene was posted up on YouTube, but it’s obviously not suitable for younger viewers.

Obviously, this was too much for some people to handle.

The issue didn’t stop at Twitter, though. Social Justice Warriors took to YouTube in an attempt to dissuade anime lovers from watching the show.

Surprisingly, there have yet to be a deluge of articles flowing through the digital riverbanks of Google News decrying the content, lambasting the viewers, and yelling aggressively for censorship (perhaps that comes later?).

For now, the SJWs calling for censorship, bans, and for people to stop watching the show are relegated to the social media space. Is it possible this could change in the future? It depends on if it a recognized outlet on the Left gets a hold of the news and begins a campaign to get the show censored.

However, there appears to be a lot more support for the show than there are antagonists standing against it. Majority of the YouTube videos out there from anime content creators are praising the show’s themes and traditional hand animations. There’s also plenty of videos out there from people like Mim Headroom mocking Social Justice Warriors for throwing a conniption across places like Twitter over the show’s content.

The noise from SJWs complaining about the show resulted in Crunchyroll responding by making a tweet on October 13th, 2018 indicating that they would be adding warnings at the beginning of the episode for graphic content.

You can catch the Goblin Slayer anime on a streaming service near you.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)

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