Soul Calibur 6 Guide: How To Create Kill La Kill’s Ryuko Matoi
Soul Calibur VI - Kill La Kill

There are already plenty of sexy ladies in Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but none of them are Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill.

There’s a brief five and a half minute walkthrough put together by YouTuber MELOO, who gives you the details you need in order to build your very own skimpily-clothed heroine from Kill La Kill.

You’ll want to start with the Body type. Select a Human/Female from the list.

She’ll have a Slightly Short / Thin body type.

Go with Female Face 2.

The hair style is Double Desire (Messy).

Select Eyebrows 1 and the voice is Taciturn Cynic with the vocal speed set at 2.

For the Equipment, go into the Edit Manually section and go down to the upper torso area and select the Seong Inner Wrap and color it black. You’ll also want to add pattern 3 to the color scheme to get the red and black lines.

Soul Calibur 6 - Ryuko Matoi Color Pattern

For the lower body you’ll select the Raven Skirt. The palette will also be black and red.

For the next area select the Flight Necktie, keeping it with the black and red color scheme.

For the bracers you’re going to select the Raven Gauntlets.

The Shoulders should be the White Knight’s Shoulders, and the thigh area should be the Seong Sarong. The color scheme for these should still be red and black to match the rest of the outfit.

Since they don’t feature the kind of high-heels that Ryuko wears (although I have a feeling they might appear as DLC) you will have to settle for the Kung Fu Shoes.

Now for the chest piece you will have to create some stickers and place them on her upper chest area. Go into the sticker selection and choose Motif 3. And then you’ll need to move it and spread it across her chest area to give the impression that the clothing covers her decolletage.

For the suspenders, you need to apply sticker Motif 92.

You’ll need to reduce the size and raise the vertical area as pictured in the image below.

You’ll have to apply two Motif 92 stickers so that they stretch all the way down her torso.

You’ll want to choose the Mitsurugi fighting style for her to complete the process. Once you finish that you’re all set.


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