Soul Calibur 6: How To Make 2B From Nier Automata

Soul Calibur 6 2B Creation

Now that Soul Calibur VI is up and out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, gamers are making all sorts of crazy characters for the fighting game thanks to Namco including a character creator in the game. One of the more popular creations that has popped up is the curvaceous 2B from Platinum Games’ Nier: Automata.

YouTuber MELOO did a brief video walkthrough guide on how to make 2B for your very own personal use in Soul Calibur VI. The video is short and right to the point, clocking in at just five minutes. You can check it out below.

Head into the character creation menu and you’ll want to give 2B the Mitsurugi fighting style in the Weapon/Style category.

For the Body category, you’ll want to choose Human/Female.

You’ll want to select Female Face 1 for the face.

Select Wavy Bob for the hair.

You’ll go with Eyebrows 10, even though her eyes will be covered.

Select the Taciturn Cynic for the voice, and raise the vocal speed/pitch by just two notches.

Go into the manual edit for the Head section within Equipment, and select the Zephyr Hair Accessory; paint it black.

In the Face section of Equipment, select Bandages for the eyes and color it black. For the upper body, you’ll want to select the Cursed Bird Leotard.

Add the Country Tunic to the middle layer of the Torso. Paint both the leotard and the tunic black.

You don’t have to select anything for the outer layer of the torso.

For the lower body select the Slit Skirt, so that you can see her juicy thighs.

Select the Neck section and you’ll want to equip the Condemned Necklace choker.

In the bracers section you’ll want to equip the Medium Bandages and paint them white.

For the shoulder equipment select the Benevolence Pauldrons and paint those black as well. It doesn’t quite look exactly like the Gothic skirt 2B wears from NieR: Automata but it’s close enough.

Soul Calibur 6 - How To Make 2B

For her stockings you’ll want to go with the Seong Sarong.

Unfortunately they don’t have the super sexy heels that 2B wears, but you can sort of get close with the Cuff Boots.

For the last three Equipment slots, you can leave them empty.

For the coloring, you’ll want to turn the Bob Wavy white. Give her brown eyebrows, and pale porcelain skin.

From there you can select her stance, snap a photograph and you’re set to go online imitating 2B from NieR: Automata.

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