Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod Now Available For Download
Soul Calibur VI Nude Mod

The main modder Sakura4 is back with another mod. This time it’s a mod for female nudes. The original mod that Sakura4 released was for male nudes and for making futanaris. But this time, you can create your favorite waifu and put her in a birthday suit, or you can modify the hotties already on the roster, like Ivy and Taki, and strip them down to nothing.

You can download the mod right now from over on the NSFW thread.

The 1.0 version of the nude mod works by choosing the loincloth from the character creation menu. It will replace the character’s clothing with a bottomless lower half.

There’s also a replacement for the default underwear, so that when you equip them your character won’t be wearing any clothes. The mod is contained within two files, both of which are rather small in size and clock in under 4MB.

Simply download the files and extract the contents to the following directory: SteamappscommonSoulcaliburVISoulcaliburVIContentPaks~mods

If you haven’t already, be sure to create the ~mods sub-directory in the Paks folder. This is where your customizable mods will go for the game.

Now you’ll be able to play and enjoy the game like never before, freeing those life-bringers from Ivy’s corset and giving them all the breathing room they could possibly want.

Keep in mind that if you already downloaded and installed the nude male mod for Soul Calibur VI, or if you tried out the beta version of the female nude mod, you’ll want to make sure that any of the old data files are placed with the new data files. So if you’re using the nude male and nude female mod together, be sure that you have version 1.0 installed for both.

Also, be warned about playing online with modded content. As reported by Shoryuken, if you’re using custom items and playing online, you may run the risk of getting reported and having your account banned from playing in the online mode. This is mostly in regard to customized items that give you a distinct advantage in battle, such as making parts of the character invisible or hex hacks that make it difficult for your opponents to see your character.

Soul Calibur VI is currently available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but only the PC version allows you to take full advantage of mods.

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