Soul Calibur VI Guide: How To Make Bowsette
Soul Calibur VI - Bowsette

Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI is hitting it off well with a lot of gamers the world around on both home consoles and on PC. One of the most entertaining and talked about features in the new fighting game is the character creation system, which many gamers are using to create fan-favorites from other franchises, including popular community characters such as Bowsette and Boosette.

If you want to learn how to create the daringly dangerous duo of shapely gender-bent vixens, there are some guides to help you along the way, such as the one published by DualShockers. You can check out the three minute video below to see how the finished product turns out for making your very own version of Bowsette in Soul Calibur VI using the character creator toolkit.

The guide was published in text format on the DualShockers website.

The Weapon / Style should be Azwel. Go with the Motion & Stillness, the Anime Pack, and choose Evil.

For her body, go with the Hidden Valley Clan / Female for the race. Her body type will be Slightly Tall / Thin. Set all her body options to -20, but the chest should be +20 and muscle definition at 1.

Select Female Face 1.

Apply the Purity Knight and choose Eyebrows 8.

For the voice, select the Cool-Headed Captain and set the options to 0.

For the Equipment section, there’s nothing for the head or face.

For the Inner Torso, select the Cyclone Bikini and paint it black.

For the Lower Body add the Rococo Skirt and also paint it black.

For the Neck/Back add the Condemned Necklace and paint it black as well.

The Shoulders should be set to the Viking Shoulders and they should be colored silver and black.

The Inner Legwear should be set to Seong Sarong.

The Outer Legwear should be set to Stilettos.

Under the Extra 1 section, select the Long Horns and apply it to her head. You’ll need to set the Forward/Backward to -2 and the Width to 22. The Angle should be set at -18.

Extra 2 should be a Turtle Shell. The Forward/Backward should be set at 4 while the Width should be -29. The Length should be -33 while the Thickness should be -50. The Rotate Vert should be -6.

Under Extra 3 add the Allegiance Mandible and set the location to her Hips. The Up/Down should be -11. The Forward/Backward should be -19. The Width should be 50, Length should be 50, and the Rotate Vert should be -56 while the Rotate Horz should be 180.

As pointed out in the DualShockers guide, there’s no crown option just yet, but if Bandai is smart they’ll add all the necessary accessories in a future update (although it would likely be pointless to hope that it’s not overpriced DLC).

Soul Calibur VI is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam for PC.


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