Ubisoft Institutes Diversity And Inclusion Workshops For Developers
Ubisoft Diversity Program

Ubisoft has begun instituting diversity workshops for its developers, bringing in various progressive evangelists to speak to certain members of the development team and to increase the studio’s overall atmosphere involving diversity and inclusivity.

A Ubisoft employee contacted One Angry Gamer back in late August, revealing a PDF document and a video of Ubisoft’s new diversity and inclusion program, which is borne out of the new diversity committee.

According to the employee, who wished to remain anonymous, Ubisoft has begun working with OCAD University, the Ontario College of Art and Design, to implement the diversity committee workshops to help Ubisoft’s studios become more “diverse” and “inclusive”.

A video was shared as well, which was also given to YouTuber Jeremy Hambly from The Quartering. You can see the first part of the video below, which covers a video that Ubisoft circulated internally regarding its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Apart from the video, there’s also a brief look at the PowerPoint presentation slides, which regurgitates the typical SJW agenda talking points about video games being sexist and racist.

One of the slides states…

“We know that stereotypes in video games reinforce prejudice. The impact of tropes and stereotypes in video games is acknowledged, from [Anita] Sarkeesian’s “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” to criticism of the portrayal of black characters (Kotaku 2017). Surface solutions like the “pinkification” of games reinforce stereotypes of gender-based play.”

Keep in mind that actual research studies and not agenda-driven personal critiques of the gaming industry have actually shown that video games help reduce negative stereotypes, especially regarding rape myth acceptance, as outlined in a research paper called “Increased Cognitive Load during Video Game Play Reduces Rape Myth Acceptance and Hostile Sexism after xposure to Sexualized Female Avatars”, which was published earlier in the year back on March 2nd, 2018.

The PowerPoint also covers typical demographic numbers that have been widely misrepresented, stating that 47% of all Canadian gamers are in fact women, which is true… but that also covers casual games, social games, Facebook games, mobile games… and casino games. Typically women make up a very, very small percentage of game buyers and players of AAA blockbuster titles, which is typically where the studios are focusing their “diversity” and “inclusion” efforts. This is why many of the games focusing on becoming “woke” end up going broke.

There’s a list of games that have opted to focus on the Progressive agenda only to have the efforts backfire and the games tank in sales.

The PowerPoint also covers other talking points put forward by organizations like the IGDA, where it’s been promoted that women and other minorities are not as prevalent in the video game industry workforce due to sexism and racism.

The entire diversity presentation that Ubisoft has been pushing through its studios was covered in a second video by Jeremy Hambly, which you can view below.

The presentation also covers how they want to foster both a work environment and a consumer ecosystem that extricates “toxicity” from the community and encourages the adaptation of inclusion.

While this may sound like something out of a Plebeian’s Guide to Communism, it’s actually right there in the presentation itself.

Ironically enough, the presentation uses Riot Games as a beacon of success for fostering a workforce atmosphere for diversity and inclusion.

This is despite the fact that just this past summer Riot Games was caught up in a hotbed of controversy of incubating a culture of sexism over the years. This all culminated in the company having to publicly apologize and engage in more discrimination by excluding men from their workshop at a recent public event, which turned into a potential case of the company violating multiple state laws.

We’ve seen Ubisoft including this kind of philosophy into their games, especially recent titles like Watch Dogs 2, or the historical modes for Assassin’s Creed, which have been altered to fit the company’s sociopolitical agenda rather than actual history, as admitted to by Ubisoft themselves.


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