Warriors Orochi 4 Now Available With $105 Worth Of Day-One DLC
Warriors Orochi 4

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s multi-system launch of Warriors Orochi 4 has commenced for the global audience, with the game now being available for purchase across the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC for $59.99.

Like many other recent Koei Tecmo games, Warriors Orochi 4 launched with 17 pieces of DLC as well, ranging from $1.99 all the way up to $29.99. Yes, there’s $105.83 worth of launch-day DLC.

Yes, the game has launched with $105 worth of DLC in addition to the game’s $59.99 price tag. So in total, it would seem like you would be paying $165 in total for the game and all the DLC.

However, some people are noting that you can actually just buy the season pass and the legendary costumes pack and it includes some of the other DLC packs together, so technically you would only pay $60 for the DLC if you bought the two bundle packs, and then another $60 for the game, which would bring your total to $120.

Even all the sexy waifu-bait in the game probably won’t be enough to convince some gamers to put down the full price tag for the game.

Warriors Orochi 4 - A Little Ecchi

As for the game itself, Warriors Orochi 4 is another typical Dynasty Warriors clone using the thousand-army motif.

You’ll be able to select from over 170 playable characters that span Koei Tecmo’s expansive hack-and-slash series, including Samurai Warriors and the aforementioned Dynasty Warriors.

This iteration of the game features five new playable characters, in addition to the 165 other characters returning from previous entries in the series.

There’s more to the game than just a plethora of DLC options made available on the day of release. There’s also the introduction of “Magic” to the series, enabling gamers to utilize a variety of different magical abilities to wipe out characters across the map. It works in many ways similar to the standard musou attacks.

Visually, the game looks about on par to what you expect from an eighth-gen Warriors Orochi game, which is to say that it’s not too far removed from what you would expect from an FHD PS3 title.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website. Alternatively, you can pick up a digital copy of Warriors Orochi 4 from the Steam store on PC, or from the PlayStation Store for PS4, or from the Xbox Store for the Xbox One.


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