Weekly Recap Oct 20th: GAB Vs Lolicons, GLAAD Gaming Awards, Witcher Netflix Casting
Weekly Recap

More of the SocJus agenda was exposed this past week, with the LGBTQIA+ organization GLAAD announcing that they will be adding a video game awards category to their annual awards celebration for LGBTQ characters in movies, and television starting next year. What’s more is that GLAAD will be pursuing AAA publishers to influence them to include more gay characters in games.

Speaking of characters… Netflix’s The Witcher series has added a few more cast mates to the stable, including two race-swaps for two of the female cast members, one of which is Yennefer. And in a surprising twist, the supposed free speech platform, GAB, decided to wage war against the lolicons. These bizarre stories and more in this October 20th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

GLAAD Targets Gaming

The LGBTQ organization GLAAD has set its sights on video games, believing that they can be a powerful medium in which to promote the SJW agenda on behalf of NPCs. The idea is that the organization wants to target more high profile AAA games and enforce them to include LGBTQ characters so that they can then give them a GLAAD Award. After kowtowing to Social Justice Warriors, Nexon’s Hyper Universe is now about to get shut down in South Korea, which means that the North American version could be next. After scaring people with potential BAME casting for Ciri in Netflix’s The Witcher, the production company threw a swerve ball by casting Ciri right proper, but then opting to go the diversity route for Yennefer and another character. And speaking of diversity and inclusion… Ubisoft is instituting a diversity and inclusion committee to help enforce hiring practices and studio culture built around diversity.


GAB Wages War Against The Lolicons

GAB may have been borne out of a need for a free speech platform that stood against the tyranny and censorship of Twitter, but the site still has its own constricting views on content that it deems pernicious. The latest spat spawns from GAB banning and censoring “lewd loli” content after some members on the Right complained about lolicon content appearing on GAB, which resulted in the ban. In other censorship related news, one of the lead developers behind Agony decided to branch out and eventually release the unrated version of the game with all the uncensored content in tow on Steam. It’s set to arrive on October 31st and feature all of the promised content from the original crowdfunding campaign. And Breitbart ended up getting called out by YouTuber PSA Stitch, who revealed that the report that the outlet originally reported on was actually not advocating for Google to embrace censorship, but rather was attempting to chide Google and other big tech companies away from censorship.


Sony Embraces The Gay Agenda While Denying Gamers Sexy Females

Sony has been increasing their efforts to embrace the SJW agenda, including banning the release of Omega Labyrinth Z in the West for PS4, and also canceling the release of Super Seducer a week before its release. However, Sony’s true colors were outed when they allowed the gay dating sim on the system in the form of Dream Daddy, which is a gay dad dating simulator. Some SJWs are riled up over the whole nuke-dropping element in Fallout 76, attempting to bring some attention to the game by objecting to its trivialization of the content by allowing gamers to drop nukes on people’s heads. The Division 2 devs have acknowledged that they’ve stayed away from politics within the game because they recognized that getting woke will lead you to going broke. And Dead or Alive 6 will not feature OMG Mode for the boob physics because the game’s producer Yohei Shimbori feels it was “too exaggerated”.


Kagura Games Releasing Uncensored Games On MangaGamer

If you wanted the uncensored version of President Yukino, the NTR H-Game from Kagura Games, you won’t be able to find it on Steam due to Valve’s rules. However, Sanahtlig is reporting that Kagura Games – in an attempt to skirt the laws regarding shota and lolicon in the U.S., – will be offering an uncensored version of President Yukino on JAST and MangaGamer’s digital storefronts. After undergoing the censorship controversy, Hyper Universe is now shutting down both in Korea and in North America. The microtransaction fad isn’t going anywhere given that big publishers are making billions and billions of dollars on games-as-a-service monetary models. And Days Gone for the PS4 has been delayed once again, this time being moved back into April of 2019.


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