Weekly Recap Oct 27th: Sony Censorship Gets Out Of Control, ResetEra Doxes GOG Staff
Weekly Recap

The final full week of October has come to an end, and it’s not the kind of end that some gamers may have wanted, especially those in the anti-censorship camp. A frontline fighter in the form of XSeed Games’ Tom Lipschultz has folded up his flag and called it a day, deciding to move to Japan instead of constantly fighting in the ever-intense Culture War battle that continues to rage on. Lipschultz’ sacrifices will not be soon forgotten, nor will they have been made in vain.

This comes amidst a week of out-and-out censorship being handed down by the judicature of juicy juggs and jiggly bits on the PS4: Sony. The company has been forcing developers to censor big ‘ole tiddies and squeezable fun bags. The censorship has been steadily escalating when this new “policy” that Sony has instituted has gone into effect.

But censorship doesn’t really compare to having your life nearly ruined by a hate-mob on a second-rate forum that is the cancerous offspawn of Neogaf, where the residents doxed someone because they thought he sent out a tweet using a hashtag that they didn’t like. And yes, this actually happened. These stories and more in this October 27th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

RPGSports Ousts Boogie2988 Over SJW LGBTQIANPC Complaints

The SJWLGBTQIANPC brigade took aim at Boogie2988 and claimed he was a Nazi and was transphobic and that he should take part in the RPGSports Twitch livestream featuring Dungeons & Dragons, so RPGSports ousted the YouTuber and apologized to the NPCs. A classic JRPG from the seventh gen of gaming has been re-released as a 4K HD port for PC, I’m talking about Tri-Ace’s criminally underrated Resonance of Fate. And Kotaku managed to convince Nexon to ban various Trump items in the MapleStory 2 Meret Marketplace, even though Communist items, LGBTQ items, and other degenerate swag representing Leftism is still available in the marketplace.


ResetEra Doxes GOG.com Employee

So there’s a multi-part piece of drama involving GOG.com. The DRM-free digital distribution outlet got caught in the crosshairs of Social Justice Warriors again, this time for using a hashtag that they deemed insensitive. GOG.com issued a non-apology to address the situation, but for the NPCs posing as Social Justice Warriors, it just wasn’t enough. The hate-forum known as ResetEra decided to take things to next level by doxing the GOG.com employee in an attempt to harass him and his family out of the gaming industry. In other NPC news… SQLite was pressured by SJW NPCs to change their code of conduct… the company did so, but they based it on 6th century Judea-Christian moral standards, which angered the NPCs to no end, since they wanted the code of conduct to be centered around degenerate Liberal values. And Bethesda has already admitted that Fallout 76 isn’t much of a game that’s crafted by notable storytellers, since most of the storytelling will be done through emergent gameplay… or at least that’s what they’re hoping for.

Sony’s Censorship Reaches Japan

Sony’s new policy to prohibit the use of fan-service in games has extended from the West and reached the East. Japanese developers are now prohibited from applying ecchi imagery to their games if it appeals to straight males. Speaking of ecchi being banned… the U.K., has prohibited the release of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid unless all of the sexual content is censored out. And a longtime partner with Marvelous Entertainment and a Japanese developer started a petition to help change the mind of Sony and get them to renege on their censorious ways with their anti-ecchi policy.


Apu Will Be Removed From The Simpsons Due To NPCs

The NPCs have struck again, this time pressuring Fox to remove Apu from The Simpsons. After his remove the NPCs then complained that that wasn’t what they wanted. Valve continues to show that Steam is the place to be for the anime, offering fans with a monster-girl fetish the first season of Monster Musume in its uncensored format on the digital distribution service. Sad news for the anti-censorship side… XSeed Games just lost two of its senior producers, one of which was the paladin that stood against the SJW scourge, Top Lipschultz. That’s right, he’s no longer at XSeed Games. And Warriors Orochi 4 on the Nintendo Switch turns out to be the least censored version of the game, sporting some smoking hot boob physics that are not present on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC version of the game. Oh and the Daily Dot decided to take aim at Hype Break because the YouTube outlet outed ResetEra for doxing and organizing targeted harassment toward a GOG.com employee.


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