YouTubers Life Launches On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch November 14th

YouTubers Life Consoles

Raiser Games has teamed up with U-Play Online for the console release for YouTubers Life, which is due for release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch starting next month on November 14th.

Spanish publisher Raiser Games wanted to broaden the market horizons for YouTubers Life’s demographic reach. The game is being fitted for consoles with some new features and gameplay improvements designed around playing the sim-management game on home console.

The theme of the game is based around starting off as a noob living in his or her parent’s basement playing video games. The objective is to become a notable content creator on YouTuber by making videos, building up an online audience, and eventually attempting to reach PewDiePie heights of popularity.

If you don’t want to become a gamer, collecting consoles and establishing yourself as a gamer on YouTube, you can also acquire instruments and attempt to become the next Lindsay Sterling, decking your character out with 30 different instruments to play.

Alternatively, you can also start a cooking channel, where you can acquire various recipes and build up a video empire of various eateries based on different gastronomic delights.

The road to success won’t be easy, though. There will be various NPCs set about to waylay you in your journey to become a superstar, just like in real-life. You’ll have to schedule parties, mingle with other YouTubers and attempt to become a big deal in the content creation scene. It’s a rather involved game when it comes to capturing the ecosystem of attempting to become famous making videos, which was part of its appeal when it was first announced.

The game originally launched into Early Access back in the middle of 2016. After spending several months in Early Access U-Play Online eventually launched the game in full back in early 2017 where it finally graduated from Early Access.

The game managed to capture a solid audience on PC, and now Raiser Games believes they can capitalize on the console crowd with the game, so we’ll see how well that all goes over when YouTubers Life launches on November 14th for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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