4th Annual Kunkel Awards For Video Game Journalism Is Open For Nominations
Kunkel Awards 2018

The Kunkel Awards was borne out of the disgruntlement from angry gamers with the status quo corruption that ran (and continues to run) rampant within video game journalism. “If you don’t like it, make one yourself” is the common maxim spouted by the clergy atop the hierarchical tower of the Intersectional Inquisition. And so, gamers made their own websites, news outlets, and some even made their own video games. Well, to go along with the new ecosystem of having done it all on their own, and wanting to tear down the facade of neutrality and professionalism exercised by some of the big-name gaming outlets out there, an awards category for games journalism was put together by Michael Koretzky from the Society of Professional Journalists, following the 2015 Airplay event. This annual celebration of video game journalism was called the Kunkel Awards.

As spotted by a post over on Kotaku in Action, the fourth annual Kunkel’s are now getting underway and nominations are open for articles, editorials, news, and think pieces that rocked the muscle mush inside your skull and made those synapses fire like the pistons in Scott Dixon’s supped up Honda.

There are six categories this year, including:

  • Excellence in News Streaming
  • Excellence in eSports Writing
  • Excellence in Feature Writing
  • Excellence in College Game Journalism
  • Excellence in News Reporting
  • Excellence in Feature Streaming

There are are a few categories that should be an easy shoo-in for certain journalists to walk away as the winner. One would expect Thorin or Richard Lewis to grab the category in e-sports writing, but don’t be surprised if some Left-leaning outlet picks up the win because a bunch of paid-for bots (which are indistinguishable from NPCs) submit articles from Kotaku, or Polygon, or one of those other e-sports outlets that talks about intersectional feminism and racism in e-sports.

Anyway, each year gamers have become disappointed with the news about the Kunkel’s because each year usually it’s the same people coming out as the winner. Polygon and Kotaku oftentimes take the top spots, and a few categories go absent because there are claims that they had no submissions.

Some of the denizens on Kotaku in Action have been contemplating a petition to get the directors over the Kunkel’s to release a complete list of the nominee submissions, so that they can know for sure whether or not people submitted those categories. I mean, given how popular YouTubers like YongYea or TheQuartering are within #GamerGate circles, how could they not take home a win in the streaming/video categories?

Anyway, hopefully whoever walks away with the award this year will be a lot more grateful than when Jason Schreier picked up a win and then proceeded to go on Twitter to rant about winning, only to get into a huge fight with Zoe Quinn and other Social Justice Warriors over who was oppressed the most by #GamerGate.


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