A Night With Natalie VR Gives You Some Hot VR Action On Steam
A Night With Natalie VR

A bunch of loli VN developers seem to be under the microscope in recent times, with games like The Key To Home and The Last Girl having their store pages mysteriously ending up booted to the curb with allegedly vague explanations. Velvet Paradise Games seems to have managed to skate by the rogue censors at Valve putting a stop to all the entertainment excitement lolicon aficionados out there were having, mostly because Velvet Paradise Games released a straightforward interactive porn game called A Night With Natalie VR, which involves strapping on more than just a headset to get off on bumping and grinding against the virtual skin of a buxom 3D beauty named Natalie.

You will need a Microsoft Mixed Reality headset, or an Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive in order to get in on the VR sex sim, which is currently available on the Steam store for $4.99.

The game places you in a room where you get to fondle, squeeze, spank, and even pat the head of Natalie, the last of which is forbidden in the world of Social Justice Warriors, since they were never given any headpats as kids because their only accomplishments during adolescence was being rewarded just for participating, and no parent is proud of their kid for that.

Anyway, participation in A Night With Natalie VR involves teasing and stimulating Natalie, as well as using toys to bring Natalie to a climax.

A Night With Natalie VR – Lingerie

The launch trailer is pretty raunchy and obviously not safe for work, but it also reveals something that will thoroughly appeal to Leftists: cuckolding.

Yes, Leftists will be able to imitate in virtual reality the sort of degenerate fantasies they search up on various naughty sites, including the forbidden desires of Leftists that involve interracial.

For normal VR users, you’ll be able to utilize the motion controllers to squeeze, caress, and penetrate Natalie in ways that you would probably never get away with in real life, even with your wife.

You can grab a copy of A Night With Natalie VR right now.


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