A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library Gets Cancelled After SJW Outrage Mob Expedite Its Demise
A Suicide Bomber In The Library

Publisher Abrams was set to release the graphic novel A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library, which was written by Rotten Ralph and Joey Pigza, along with illustrations made by filmmaker Dave McKean. The book covers the story of a child suicide bomber who decides not to go through with his plan after discovering all the wonders available in the library by reading books.

However, the publishing company backed out of the deal after a Social Justice Warrior outrage mob pelted the preview release with negative reviews on Goodreads, and organized a hate mob to get the book cancelled under the publishing label, which they managed to successfully do on November 23rd, 2018 just a day after Thanksgiving.

Bleeding Cool chronicles the fallout for the graphic novel, and its short lifespan through the tumultuous trenches of the current day culture war. The rocky road toward the book’s now inevitable cancellation was cemented once a supposed comic book creator, Zainab Akhtar, broadcast her offense at the title of the book ahead of its then May, 2019 release.

Like most combatants on the frontlines of the culture war, Akhtar made sure her 12,000 followers were made aware of the book through a series of tweets on November 19th, 2018 constructed to censure the creators and the content before having even read the book, stating…

“Reading about a white woman who has a book coming out next year: ‘How to wear a headscarf’ – ‘the headscarf is the ultimate accessory, functional and chic.’ The need for people of colour in editorial positions is so fucking overdue.


“It makes me shake that Muslim women are being violently attacked and set on fire for wearing headscarves while some white woman is getting a major book deal appropriating weak-arse, watered-down versions of Muslim, brown and black culture and traditions. Oh, did you know Dave McKean and Jack Gantos (2 white dudes) have a comic out next year about an illiterate brown Muslim boy who goes into a library with a suicide bomb only to start having second thoughts because people seem so into the world of books and if only he could read.


“The book has a tagline of “People stop thinking when they cease to read.” Because reading will help the ignorant brown Muslim boy question/renounce his beliefs, you see, in addition to being some vague kumbaya about how a specific interpretation of culture will save the barbarian


“I hate that I can see how this plays out: if the book gets any pushback at all, it’ll be the ‘free speech & censorship’ whatabouttery: ‘because i’m a white man i can’t write about Muslims and brown people??’, and any controversy it may get will likely boost its profile further”

In typical SJW fashion, culture warriors latched onto the controversy shortly after Dave McKean attempted to post some tweets and engage with the community by correcting some of the misconceptions about the graphic novel.

But alas, attempting to reason with people who had already purchased the proverbial pitchfork and its discounted torch from the outrage peddler for public square offenses was futile.

SJWs organized a cultural terrorist attack on the book, reviewing bomb A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library on Goodreads, posting one-star ratings while attacking straight white males in America.

On November 22nd, 2018 the Asian Author Alliance flexed some oriental muscle through an open letter to the publisher, Abrams, in hopes of getting the book pulled before it even officially released.

In the letter, they attempted to shame Abrams out of publishing the book by citing racism and stereotypes as factors for censoring the release of the book, writing…

“[…] Illiteracy, alone, is not what leads to violence, the roots lie much deeper than that and touch on geo-politics, socio-economics, colonialism, and the reckless bombing of nations without regard to the actual human beings living there. The gross oversimplifications in the description and the sneak peek of this graphic novel are both wrongheaded and reckless.


“The simple fact is that today, the biggest terrorist threat in the United States is white supremacy. In publishing A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library, Abrams is willfully fear-mongering and spreading harmful stereotypes in a failed attempt to show the power of story.”

As noted by Bleeding Cool, Abrams kowtowed to the Social Justice Terrorists decided to bomb their unreleased book with a salvo of social-media missiles and explosive one-star reviews.

They posted a statement on November 23rd, 2018 acknowledging that they would not be publishing A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library. The statement reads…

“ABRAMS has decided to withdraw publication of the adult graphic novel, A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library, which was to be published on its Abrams ComicArts list in May 2019.


“While the intention of the book was to help broaden a discussion about the power of literature to change lives for the better, we recognize the harm and offense felt by many at a time when stereotypes breed division, rather than discourse. Therefore, together with the book’s creators, we have chosen to withdraw its release.”

Unsurprisingly enough, this still wasn’t enough to satiate the insatiable hounds pacing around the California’s Cultural Caliphate, nor appease the snarling gargoyles hovering from the ledges on the cathedral of the Intersectional Inquisition.

Abrams’ apology and backing out of publishing the book was met with contumely dismissal from Zainab Akhtar.

On the upside, the book is still set to be released independently on May 14th, 2019 by Jack Gantos and Dave McKean, despite the original publisher canceling wide distribution under the Abrams ComisArts label.

If you were interested in picking up the graphic novel that sparked the ire of the perpetually irascible culture warriors, you can pre-order A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library from over on Amazon.

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