Affected: The Manor, VR Horror Game Launches For PlayStation VR
Affected The Manor

An original VR horror game from Fallen Planet Studios that launched for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back in 2017 has recently made its way to the PlayStation VR. Affected: The Manor is currently available on Sony’s VR HMD right now for just $7.99.

Surprisingly the game is only rated ‘T’ for Teen. The digital release is centered around venturing around a haunted manor where multiple routes will result in one of two endings. The game doesn’t feature any save points since it isn’t very long, and Fallen Planet decided to remove traditional point-and-click puzzle-solving mechanics such as finding keys to unlock doors or sifting through junk to find some rare object to open up the door.

According to the developer it’s more about the experience. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what it’s like.

If the trailer didn’t help give you a proper idea of what this game is actually about, there’s another gameplay video you can check out below from YouTuber 8-BitRyan.

So it’s basically another one of those theme park style horror games where you experience the “immersive” elements of the story and horror that the developers attempt to depict in the first part of what’s planned to be a trilogy of horror games.

It appears all the rage these days is making horror anthologies. Whether or not the studios will be around long enough to complete them or the games will sell well enough to warrant the release of the other games is a whole other story, but for now Affected: The Manor is up and out on PC and PSVR.

According to publisher Perp Games, they have plans on releasing a full boxed set of the Affected trilogy once the other two games are completed as part of a three-in-one boxed copy set.

You can pick up a digital copy of Affected: The Manor for the PlayStation VR right now by heading on over to the PlayStation Store.


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