Angel, Devil, Elf And Me! R18+ Visual Novel Launches on Steam

Angel Devil Elf and Me

The anime tiddy parade continues down Valve’s Steam street, this time with Norn/Miel and Cherry Kiss Games’ Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! heading doughtily down the driveway of degeneracy.

The game is centered around a lucky bachelor named Ayumu, who one day is visited by three gorgeous women from an alternate dimension after they stumble through a portal right into his living room, and right into the throbbing desire nearly bursting from the seams of his pants.

The three heroines of the story didn’t end up in Ayumu’s life by happenstance, though. It turns out that this doughy dandy is actually the daring descendant that comes from a lineage of legendary heroes. These three vixens that popped into Ayumu’s life would love it if the virile young man popped something precious right in the middle of their… bellies. Why? Because if Ayumu has kids they’ll become powerful and legendary heroes, too!

Of course, a sexy visual novel wouldn’t be complete without a little disaster.

It turns out the three hot chicks don’t much care for one another, and they begin to make Ayumu’s life a bit of a living hell as they fight over him to carry his seed.

Ayumu will have to put in a bit of work to woo the ladies, though, with each one requiring something different to get really hot and saucy for our leading man. There’s Rizabel the succubus from hell; Elysia the angel from heaven; and Hilda the leader of the clan of dark elves.

The visual novel is a true and through Japanese visual novel experience. Unfortunately the game does feature mosiacs, which is common practice in the land of the rising sun. Nevertheless, it’s still a hardcore R18+ experience for those looking for a little other-worldly love. You can grab a digital copy of the game right now from the Steam store for just $11.99.