Astonishing Gaters Tries To Parody ComicsGate By Promoting More Diversity, Inclusion
Astonishing Gators

Social Justice Warriors believe that #ComicsGate is evil because comic book fans want to read good comic books without Left-leaning agitprop. It’s become horribly distorted since 2012 to the point where comic book fans just stopped buying a lot of their favorite books because many of them turned into platforms for SJW propaganda. In response, Marvel had to cancel a number of SJW comic books, and eventually cleaned house in an attempt to win back (some) fans.

Many comic book aficionados began supporting independent artists and writers, such as Ethan Van Sciver and Richard C. Meyer, both of whom went on to have extremely successful IndieGoGo campaigns for their comic books Jawbreakers and Cyberfrog, racking in hundreds of thousands of dollars to make comic books great again.

This has angered many Social Justice Warriors, and in response one creator decided to fight back by making Astonishing Gaters, which is a comic book amalgamation of #ComicsGate and #GamerGate rolled into one.

Astonishing Gators - Promo Art via Debate Me Comics

As you can tell by the promotional art, it’s mocking straight white males and the hot chicks that support them.

According to the creator of the comic, Chloe Elise Handler, it’s designed to satirize and poke fun at #ComicsGate while continuing to push forward with the diversity agenda. Over on the Kickstarter page, Handler writes…

“I’m Chloe Handler, internationally-ignored writer and artist. I’ve noticed a rise in bigotry within the comic book fan community in recent years. There is an overabundance of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. This stems from a group of men with a strong presence and following on social media. They are notorious for targeting and harassing marginalized people within the comic industry. In so doing, they have gained several followers in order to fund their own comic book publishing. How they got this far on a message of hate is astonishing. They are the “Astonishing Gaters”.”

The comic features a straight white male and his friends becoming overwhelmed by the diverse and inclusive group of heroes who are blatant rips on other DC and Marvel heroes, such as Steelheart, The Impenetrable Sunray, and Renpool.

In one of the panels shared on the Kickstarter page, we see that the very buff and handsome straight white male is informed that his favorite heroes are all being turned gay, and he decides it’s time to fight back.

Astonishing Gaters - Panel Preview

The comic seems to ignore the fact that there’s a rather large following in #ComicsGate that are rather diverse, including Spanish comic artist Rodrigo Ybanez, the latter of whom has his own comic called Red Ninja Momiji.

Handler also seems to go out of the way to ignore all the people who helped put coins in the coffers of these independent comic book creators, many of whom don’t fit the stereotypical bill that people like Handler and other SJW media outlets have attempted to paint #ComicsGate with.

Nevertheless, Handler is currently seeking $1,000 to bring Astonishing Gaters to the printing press. During the final day of crowdfunding, the comic managed to climb just above $1,860 with just 20 hours to go before rounding out. I’m sure the 70 people who backed the comic will be pleased with its jabs at #ComicsGate, while the thousands of people who helped raise $123,524 for Bigfoot Bill, the thousands who raised $404,900 for Jawbreakers, and the thousands who helped raise $538,456 Cyberfrog, will undoubtedly continue to pour money into the independent comic book scene to see good comics made for people who actually enjoy comic books.


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