Battlefield 5 War Stories Gameplay Walkthrough
Battlefield V Walkthrough

DICE’s Battlefield V is the latest outing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game was pushed into the so-called “Progressive” avenue focusing on fantasy elements of World War II that clearly didn’t happen, such as British red-heads leading the charge in Norway using bionic arms. Well, for gamers interested in the first-person shooter and the new Social Justice Warrior War Stories that are being carried over from Battlefield 1, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber Shirrako was quick to get to work on uploading the War Stories campaign after YouTube unceremoniously shuttered his account because he dared to feed a feminist to pigs in Red Dead Redemption 2, and some NPC nincompoop at YouTube got offended and nuked his account. Well, now that he’s back he got straight to work with a Battlefield V gameplay walkthrough that you can check out below, assuming you’re educated enough to watch it.

The game starts with a cinematic from Battlefield I, and then goes into a cinematic leading into the start of World War II in London.

Mark Strong narrates the opening, which reveals that many of the Nazi imagery has been removed from the game.


The prologue mission starts when you parachute down into the snow and make your way up the embankment to take on the enemy NPCs. There are red markers over the heads of enemies once you tag them in your iron sights.

Use the left trigger to aim down the sights and the right trigger to fire. Press the Square button to reload on the PS4, or ‘X’ on the Xbox One.

The Norway segment will segue into the Libya segment from 1940, where you’ll get familiarized with using the vehicles. Use the left analog to drive and the right analog to aim the turret.

Follow the pathway up until your tank bites the dust.

The prologue will then move you into Algeria, 1942, where you’ll get to wax your sniper skills from a tower.

As usual, use the left trigger to aim and the right trigger to fire.

The next segment will take you to Germany, 1943, where you’ll play as some actual German soldiers! Yes, you finally get to play as Germans portrayed as heroes in World War II!

This is an aerial segment. Use the right trigger to fire the main weapon.

Take out the targets painted with red icons over them. The game is fairly unrealistic, as you can practically snipe the enemies from long distances.

Keep flying until your plane is shot down.

The final prologue segment is set in Normandy, 1945.

Follow the marker, get to the turret emplacement and take out the enemies on the other side of the fence.

Under No Flag

There are three main campaigns, each with four difficulty settings. The fourth campaign mode won’t be available until later, which features the German side of the war.

The first campaign War Story, Under No Flag, starts in London, England in 1942.

Players take on the role of Billy Bridger, a straight white male. He’s a criminal who is tossed into jail, but offered an out by joining a special unit that finds itself under the leadership of Mason.

Follow the NPC along the path between the jagged chasm leading up the twisting incline.

The LOD pop-in is quite obvious here.

You can duck or go prone by pressing in the ‘B’ button on the Xbox controller or Circle on the PS4’s DualShock. Holding down ‘B’ / Circle will make you go prone.

You can use the the digital pad to activate the binoculars and the left trigger to zoom in.

You can change weapons by pressing ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller or Triangle on the DualShock. You can melee enemies by pressing in the right thumbstick, which can also double for taking them down stealthily if you sneak up behind them.

Make your way through the encampment and take out the enemies, plant the explosive and then proceed to the hangar along the pathway.

The path will feature a soldier standing by his lonesome. You can either shoot him (but it won’t alert the others if you only shoot once) or you can sneak up behind him to take him down stealthily.

Battlefield V - Under No Flag

Get to the hangar and there are two guys on the size of the hangar between the stacks of logs – you can either go in stealthy to reap a reward challenge or go in guns-a-blazin’. Keep in mind that there’s a flamethrower dude and he will roast your arse once you start making noise like a teething newborn during the middle of the night.

The next objective is to take out the plane using the AA gun within the camp. Clear out some of the soldiers and make your southeast toward the AA gun.

Shoot down the planes to complete the segment and move on to the next mission.

The second main challenge consists of three open-world objectives: Comms, Bunker, and the Airbase.

You can choose to tackle them in any order you see fit, and you’ll need to commandeer a vehicle to get to each location due to the size of the map.

When you get to the airbase it’s not a walk in the park if you decide to go in shooting everything in sight. Use decorum.

Stealth will spare you a lot of heart ache, but if you feel you have the chops to chop down the commandants without cracking your skull, then go for it. You’ll need to arm three bombs at the airbase; one at the fuel tanks guarded by a turret gunner. One at the hangar and one at the second fuel dump at the end of the hangars.

You’ll need to commandeer another vehicle to get to the radio towers and destroy the radar stations.

It’s not really the sort of section you can stealth through given how many men are about, you but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Battlefield V - Billy Bridger

If you move along the side of the side of the houses you’ll find some sticky explosives. Make your way up the up the hill side toward the tower and plant the explosive inside the radio tower. There are two towers, so once you knock out the first tower head over to the second tower just North of that position. You can actually get the jump on those guys if you head in north by northeast.

Finally, make your way to the comms bunker.

If you head up top a hillside there’s a sniper rifle stashed there with some ammo overlooking the comms tower. You can use it to snipe all the men without going directly down there.

Once you clear out the enemies, head into the building to trigger a cinematic, get the supplies and the follow the navpoint back up from whence you came to rendezvous with Mason.

After a cinematic sequence and a pep talk from Mason, you’ll have to take on an entire platoon.

Use the sniper rifle in the ammo pile behind you , which will give you plenty of firepower to take out the baddies ta a distance. When the vehicles arrive, use the anti-vehicle cannon to take out the transport vehicles.

Once you take out the ground vehicles using the artillery, hop into the AA cannon to take out the Stukas.

Once you take out the three planes, a few more soldiers will come out and you’ll need to take them down. Immediately run to the artillery cannon and get in because a punch of German Panzers will down the road. Use the artillery to take out the tanks. If the panzer moves past the artillery, then use the panzerfaust rocket launcher on the tank.

Once you kill the Panzer then the mission will wrap up and the SBS will get saved by the rest of the British forces.


The next mission is the one that is full-on SocJus propaganda, taking place in Norway where you play as a female resistance fighter. DICE doesn’t even hide the SJW elements that makes this #NotMyBattlefield.

The mission takes place in Rjukan, Norway during spring of 1943.

After a lengthy cinematic, you’ll need to ski down to the base. Use the sprint button by pressing in the left thumbstick to move faster just until you reach the enemy camp just outside the base. You can either attempt to snipe them from a distance or sneak up on them and attempt to takt them out using stealth.

You can use Ms. Feminist’s throwing knives to kill enemies instantly. If you throw the knife at the one guard who walks around you can then stab the other one in the back.

There’s another camp of soldiers down below the bridge, but you can use the under-girder to traverse into the base and infiltrate the house. You can knife the guy outside and even take out the guys inside the house before making your way up the snowy hillside.

Battlefield V - Nordlys

Avoid taking the road, otherwise you’ll be met with a truck on patrol filled with soldiers. The truck will pull over and apprehend you if they spot you. You can use the ledge above the road to sneak over the roadway and get to the next encampment without being seen.

If you kill the three Wehrmacht soldiers using loud machine guns it will alert another lookout nest above, causing some reinforcements to trawl through the snow down after you. If you can take them out stealthily you’ll avoid a massive firefight.

You can also stealth your way into the base, but if you can’t, then the alarm will sound and you’ll be prime veal for a good bullet-sponge raping.

Once the guards are alerted, they will send flamethrower men after you. If you manage to catch fire, drop and go prone to roll out the fire.

Also, don’t be afraid to flee a gunfight after dropping the enemy’s line of sight. Oftentimes there will be too many men for you to handle on your own. However, your objective is to get to the resistance member, so you don’t actually have to kill all the enemies.

Proceed into the fortress. There are many men, so you can either attempt to whittle down their numbers or you can attempt to sneak past them and make your way into the fortress in search of the missing resistance fighter. Make your way through the plant and then into the Norsk hydro factory office area.

Battlefield V - Mother Daughter Rambo

You’ll eventually get to a room where Astrid is located and a cinematic takes over, where Ms. Feminist manages to kill a man with her own two hands and then Astrid and her daughter have to turn into Norway Rambo and kill all the Germans, stop the German forces from using the hydro plant to make heavy water.

Follow Astrid to the office and defend her while soldiers crowd the office.

Then follow Astrid to the hydro plant and go outside to destroy the two sub-stations on your HUD while she sabotages the hydro processors.

Once you destroy the sub-stations you can climb up the boxes and hop over the barbwire fence and follow the nav marker to the bridge for the rendezvous point.

There are no vehicles so you’ll have to run to the bridge on foot.

Another cinematic will play and Solveig will be dumped off the bridge by her mother.

Battlefield V – Commandos

Now during this next segment you’ll have to travel across the frozen lake and find spots to get warm before you can continue. Run up until you reach a large rock structure and hide behind the rock until the frost clears up and then keep heading toward the campfire to get warm.

Warm up by the camp fire before proceeding onward. You’ll reach an electrical sub-station but there’s nothing there but men and death.

Skip past the sub-station and move down the hillside until you see another small campfire and go there to get warm. You’ll also be able to grab hold of another gun while you’re at it.

Proceed west by southwest through the chasm, where Solveig will lose her grip on the satchel, fall off a cliff for no reason, and drop into the freezing cold ice water below.

Just keep moving forward – it’s practically a walking simulator once Solveig gets out of the water. It’s dumb because she doesn’t even get to use the hatchet or the shotgun that much.

Somehow she gets superhuman strength and despite nearly dying of hypothermia, she manages to burst into the cabin of a well-fed, and able-bodied German soldier, overpowering him with literally her bare hands. I kid you not.

Battlefield V - The Commander

Ms. Rambo then has to go storm three of the German facilities, including the docklands, the village, and the depot.

Using the skis, you can glide right down the side of the mountain toward the three destinations with relative ease. It’s a real shame… really, that such a cool feature as skiing was wasted on SocJus propaganda like this.

Nevertheless, once you reach your destination the skis are no longer effective. At the depot you’ll need to take out the soldiers and sabotage the trucks.

It’s not difficult to blow up the trucks, or get the soldiers to blow up the trucks for you. Once you get done with that, slap on the skis and ride to the police station to destroy the intelligence info on the resistance. You can actually get there pretty quickly by jumping through the window of the blue house and then exiting out the back and and proceeding north to the police headquarters.

For the final location you can either hop back onto the skis or you can take one of the trucks. Your final destination will be the docklands, where you’ll need to destroy the heavy water shipments, one of which is located on a boat and the other on the pier. You can use the undercarriage of the pier to reach the warehouse and climb up, go inside and kill the two guards inside. Shoot the red barrels near the truck to ignite it.

For the location on the boat, simply climb up the later, drop down into the cargo hold and press ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the DualShock to interact with the barrels to leak all of the heavy water. Climb out of the cargo hold and skate across the ice to the bunker.

Rambo your way into the bunker or kill all the reinforcements, the choice is yours.

During another cinematic Ms. Rambo will single-handedly kill another full grown man using the power of FemiNazism.

Follow the path set by the trucks but try to veer to the right to avoid being shelled by the mortars.

Chase the trucks down to the waypoint and blow them up. If you don’t have any explosives you can simply shoot the engine until it catches fire.

Somehow this girl Solveig is portrayed as being more heroic and more testosterone-laden than Billy, which is bull crap.

Once you blow up the truck another cinematic plays where Astrid gets shot and drops a grenade to blow up the last remaining barrels of heavy water.

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