Battlefield V Has Legacy Bugs From BF1 And Performance Issue Post Launch

Having played an extensive amount of EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1 pretty much on day 1 (day 2 to be exact) and made it to Rank 149 and unlocked the Colt SAA “Peacekeeper” (Peacemaker in real life), I can say I’ve seen a lot of problems in said game. Having played a free version of Battlefield V myself, I stumbled across a lot of legacy bugs prompting thoughts such as “what took EA and DICE two years to make this mess?”

If you don’t know, Battlefield V has stirred up a lot of problems. We can trace this back to its announcement, the way Patrick Söderlund addressed fans and potential buyers, and much more. Well, aside from the usual SJW stuff, BFV has a lot of technical problems and legacy bugs that BF1 had at launch.

Firstly, the game received a patch after the beta and many people can attest that multiple issues are plaguing the game’s performance. We can see this in a video by YouTuber RogueMonkeyJr:

The above video that displays a baffled RogueMonkeyJr was backed up by many fellow victims such as user ABOOD- GAMERS who noted:

“I got the same issue In beta i played on ultra with more than 100 fps But now im playing on low with 35 fps…damn”

User TSG experienced the same issues stating his rig specs:

“i5-7500, RX 580 8GB VRAM, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, it doesnt matter the settings, i dont hit 60 fps , even at all low, this last patch fcked up things.”

Yet again, user Ze German Fox explained:

“I’m having terrible performance too.


I have a 8GB GTX 1080 with 16GB of RAM and an i7 6700K @ 4GHz and I’m getting around 45 to 50 FPS on Ultra Settings at 1440p.


Battlefield 1 ran at around 80 to up to 100FPS on all Ultra at 1440p so it’s very disappointing to see this game run so poorly in comparison :(“

Speaking of Battlefield 1, at times I could benefit or would become a victim of an invisible glitch that could change the course of a match. No thinking was needed, no planning, just taking advantage of being nothing and wreaking havoc on opposing forces unaware of a non-existent entity, as seen in FixedOnGaming‘s 2016 video:

As seen in the above video, the BF1 glitch shows us a screaming cape that sometimes is human shaped and then not. Well, Fast forward from 2016 to late 2018, and we can see the same game-breaking legacy bug in action in BFV thanks to YouTuber Apple Cider:

And to show off the finest work of AAA games as of 2018, you can see a wonderful compilation of glitches that arrives during the 11-day early play segment (before the official November 20th release) on November 17th by YouTuber RRomer0:

Given that this is a game that launched with the premium price tag of $59.99 and still holds bugs from two years ago, if not longer — such as lighting issues, tanks flying all over the place, invisible soldiers, and more — shows how most players are early bug testers for a questionable title only for the price of $59.99 and up… because isn’t that wonderful?!?!?

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