Battlefield V Video Exposes DICE’s SJW Historical Revisionism
Battlefield SJW

Battlefield used to be a highly revered series that many gamers flocked to because it was a lot more realistic than most other first-person shooter games on the market. The large-scale battles with vehicles, medics, engineers, suppression fire, and a strong focus on teamwork helped set Battlefield apart from its nearest rival, Call of Duty.

Over the years, however, Electronic Arts decided that the best way to compete with Activision’s billion-dollar franchise was by turning Battlefield into Call of Duty. This definitely divided the community, but there was still hope for the brand.

Well, all of that hope was abandoned when not only did Battlefield V adopt a more arcade-style presentation, it also revealed that DICE was using the brand as a vehicle for Leftist ideologies. This was made apparent in the debut trailer, where the main face of the game was a red-headed British woman leading resistance members in a fight across Norway using her bionic arm.

This kind of slap in the face to the fans of Battlefield V didn’t go over so well with the community, but EA’s former exec Patrick Soderlund took things a step further by telling people not to buy the game because they were “uneducated” (which is ironic given the subject matter of the video). So plenty of people didn’t pre-order the game. And based on American Krogan’s 22 minute video breaking down the game’s SJWism and historical revisionism, it looks like those of you who canceled your pre-orders just you saved yourselves $60.

[Update 10/14/2019:] There’s a backup video available on American Krogan’s Bitchute channel, which you can view below.

The video starts with criticism of “Nordlys”, the second campaign in the War Stories of Battlefield V.

American Krogan outlines how “Nordlys” rewrites the far more interesting real life story of Operation Gunnerside, which would have made for a fantastic campaign mission within the Frostbite game engine, but DICE decided to completely rewrite history and give the hard-earned victory of sabotaging the German heavy water supply to a young girl in order to appear “woke”.

Krogan goes through the actual mission that “Nordlys” is based on, and it’s crazy but the real-life story is far more intense and dynamic than the cockamamie silliness that was featured in the game where a 16-year-old girl suffering from hypothermia was able to over-power a soldier twice her size, with her bare hands!

Technically the real-life story would have taken place over the course of several missions, involve multiple teams, and would have actually fit well within Battlefield’s actual gameplay mechanics, as it involved aerial recon missions, skiing, wildlife hunting, stealth, and espionage. It really is a harrowing story that would have certainly raised DICE’s profile had they not revised real World War II history.

Battlefield V - Submarine

The video also discusses how the whole scenario involving the Norwegian girl’s mother sacrificing herself by blowing up an entire submarine was also completely fabricated. A railcar ferry was sabotaged by resistance fighters, but it did not involve any women, and some of the casualties involved other Norwegians. That would have been a far more thrilling story to tell, but DICE decided that rewriting history for feminist agitators and Leftist ideologues was better for their female empowerment campaign than actually informing people about real life history from World War II that most common people were probably unaware of. A missed opportunity, no doubt.

American Krogan also breaks down the mission “Under No Flag”, where he promptly points out that the SRS were not made up of low-testosterone British criminals, but were actually composed of many volunteers from the Royal Marines. However, having honorable, straight white males in a campaign goes against DICE’s anti-Western propaganda, so they decided to rewrite the story and switch the heroic servicemen for a scandalous thief.

Battlefield V - We Wuz Kangz

In the third mission “Tirailleur”, American Krogan actually points out that – unsurprisingly – the story happens to be the most accurate of the stories in Battlefield V’s War Stories. So basically, the only time DICE decided to attempt some measure of accuracy was for non-white characters.

Worse yet is that — as pointed out by American Krogan — the story is depicted in Battlefield V with all the modern day sensibilities of the Left’s vision of racism.

Battlefield V attempts to portray the African fighters as being treated like second-class soldiers by the white Frenchmen, and goes out of its way to play up the victimhood status perpetuated and promulgated by modern day Communists who wear the moniker of “Liberal” like an oxymoron.

As pointed out in the video, there were millions of white Frenchmen fighting on the frontlines, doing logistical work, and putting in the time and the effort to help win the war. It wasn’t as if blacks were the only ones relegated to digging ditches and building camps.

The video also goes on to point out how there’s lots of virtue signaling, with the Africans being portrayed as more virtuous and moralistic compared to the German soldiers, which is far from the truth when looking at the modern-day proxy wars taking place in the region right now.

Anyway, the video from American Krogan also points out that in the real war, there were white Frenchmen who commanded the troops and some white French officers who actually defended black soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans. DICE completely removes any of the white French soldiers from the campaign in order to make it seem as if whites had nothing to do with the success some black troops had against the Germans, even though this is false.

The black troops were also reported to have forcibly taken white women as slaves and wives from towns they liberated from Germany.

DICE also attempts to falsely portray that blacks were taken out of photos or were not recognized for their war efforts, however all of that is false.

It appears as if DICE was attempting to rewrite the history of the Norwegians, the French, and the British, all in an attempt to further degrade Western values and prop up the SJW agenda of victimhood and virtue signaling oppression.

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