Catherine: Full Body Won’t Have Mysterious Lights On PS4 Version, Says Dev
Catherine Full Body

With Sony’s PS4 censorship policy in play for all upcoming games releasing both in the East and the West, gamers have become terribly paranoid of what might happen to some highly anticipated games like Catherine: Full Body. Well, Studio Zero responded to multiple questions asking about whether or not the game would succumb to the censorship policies in place on the PS4.

Gematsu is reporting that after multiple gamers began pestering Studio Zero about the changes, they finally answered, stating…

“I will report this here for everyone.


“There are no mysterious lights in Catherine: Full Body. (We went as far as we could go without the light shining.) To everyone worried about that, we love you. (We received about 10 more of the same question.)”

This was after the company got pelted via Twitter with questions about whether or not Studio Zero would have to add those giant strobe lights to their game the way some developers have done, such as what happened with Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD. However, Studio Zero didn’t say if they would have to censor the game in other ways, such as adding  a bunch of steam to the CG images or cinematics, which is what happened with Furya Corporation’s Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san on the PS4.

Others were more blunt, asking if there would be any regulations in place for the content of Catherine: Full Body that would cause the game on the PS4 to miss out on content that was already available in the PS3 version, however Studio Zero didn’t address those comments.

When it comes to the censorship policies, gamers are no longer playing around, but developers aren’t directly allowed to say if their game is censored. They can, however, broadcast that the game has been “changed”, which is what we’ve seen from a number of developers, such as Idea Factory International, who made it known that several CG images would be changed for the PS4 versions of DateA Live: Rio Reincarnation and Dragon Star Varnir.

Given that Catherine was all about sex, romance, (in)fidelity, and relationships, it will be interesting to see how Studio Zero navigates Sony’s new censorship policies to keep the game intact when it releases on PS4 and PS Vita on February 14th, 2019 in Japan, and later on when it launches in the West (assuming it doesn’t get blocked from release like what happened with Omega Labyrinth Z).


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