Dark Eclipse, PSVR MOBA Updated With New Ranked Mode

Dark Eclispe

MOBAs are a dime a dozen on PC and mobile devices. You can encounter them while you’re browsing for gacha-titty games, you’ll come across them when trying to find a good match-3 title while you’re taking a dump on the toilet, and you’ll most certainly come across them while browsing through the hundred and one Battle Royale clones clogging up the app stores like a blood clot in the arteries of a diabetic. However, you’re not going to find MOBA games filling up the VR sections most times, and it’s mainly because VR is only good for point-and-click games, shooters, and sexy-time games… until now.

Sunsoft’s Dark Eclipse is the first major MOBA title for the PlayStation VR, and the free-to-play isometric strategy game was recently updated by the developer to include an all new online ranked mode.

The new mode features a global leaderboard, all new matchmaking, and three brand new playable characters. The ranked mode keeps track of the top 100 players around the world.

Shohei Sakakibara, the producer at Sunsoft explained that they’re going to keep updating the game to keep things fresh and competitive, mentioning in the press release…

“As MOBAs are an inherently competitive genre, the focus of this major update is to further foster and enhance competition in DARK ECLIPSE by allowing players to see how they stack up against other dedicated fans with our global leaderboard.”

If you’re unfamiliar with how the game is played there’s a gameplay trailer you can check out below.

Basically you play the MOBA very similar to an RTS, but with the PlayStation Move wands instead of a mouse and keyboard. Part of the game’s highlight is that there’s no longer a mini-map you’ll have to monitor, you simply look around the map to see where things are.

The three new characters include Destrophe, which is a DPS-tank; Dosmelda, which is an assassin; and Zahina, who is a carry-hero.

You can check out the new characters, the new ranked mode, and the online PvP by grabbing a free digital download of Dark Eclipse from the PlayStation store.

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