Darksiders 3 Launch Trailer Attempts To Remind Gamers About Its Release
Darksiders 3 - Credit THQ Nordic

Gunfire Games’ Darksiders 3 is prepping for release, and the company released a new trailer for the hack-and-slash action game. The trailer from THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games covers the basic story premise for Darksiders 3, as well as some of the bosses that players will face off against.

It’s explained that Fury is sent down to eviscerate the seven deadly sins at the behest of the council. The trailer highlights how Fury travels through a post-apocalyptic world while slashing and swinging her deadly chain whip at any and everything that gets in her way.

The trailer doesn’t showcase too much of anything we haven’t already seen, other than highlighting that along the way Fury will unlock new abilities that change the color of her hair, although the trailer doesn’t do that great of a job of showing us what the new hair change actually does mechanically. But I’m sure we’re to assume that it makes her strong, like a Super Saiyan.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

The trailer comes at a time when a lot of people probably just aren’t all that geeked about the new title. Then again, there’s just been a whole lot of anti-hype leading up to the release of so many games this fall, from the agenda-ridden Battlefield V, to the broken mess that is Fallout 76; there’s been an ample number of games that just don’t seem that great all coming out back to back.

This isn’t to say that Darksiders 3 won’t be a good game, but when you have a flurry of bad titles dropping one after the other, it’s likely not going to be expected that a game with very little hype and not much to make it standout will be a huge hit.

There’s also the added issue that having a game featuring a female protagonist in today’s climate is almost a death knell.

Darksiders 3

Many core gamers expect female protagonists in AAA games to be snotty, sniveling, snarky, sassy, men-hating feminists. And unfortunately, it seems like most of their expectations of that very unflattering description are met.

This is due to many game companies diving head first into Leftist sociopolitical propaganda, turning once beloved franchises into financially barren wastelands, like Mass Effect or Dishonored, both of which have entries on the Get Woke, Go Broke master list.

We’ll see if Gunfire Games managed to escape the current curse ridding the market of agitprop in entertainment, or if they’ll be yet another victim of the “Get Woke” disease that has ended so many games, studios, and brands in recent times.

You can look for Darksiders 3 to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One starting November 27th.


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