Dead Or Alive 6 Trailer Introduces 18-Year-Old Technomancer NiCO
Dead or Alive 6 NiCO

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo released a new trailer for the latest new character to join the roster of playable pugilists in the upcoming Dead or Alive 6. It’s none other than the Lightning Technomancer, NiCO.

The character is only 18-year-old, and she’s introduced as a Pencak Silat user, according to the introduction tweet by Koei Tecmo.

She also has the ability to employ plasma discharges to accompany her attacks, in order to boost her striking ability and manipulate her EMF rings to move at super high speeds. You can see the character in action with the trailer below.

As you can see from her attacks, she appears to fight in a way that mirrors Alisa from Tekken. Except, instead of flying around she teleports.

Her counters are also capable of putting her in a advantageous position that allows her to get off multiple combos from behind or the side of her foes. In one sequence we see where she counter’s Bayman’s attacks, pulls off a grab move and then moves behind to perform a two-handed electric charge up inside of his anus.

Since she’s only 18, we see that Team Ninja took extra care in making sure that she was thoroughly covered and that her boobs were small enough not to jiggle in any capacity.

Koei has been rather careful about how they promote the game for U.S., audiences to avoid the backlash of SJW-ran media outlets. Most gaming news sites are Left-leaning and hate feminine and sexy women, so Koei has been trying to appease the misogynistic tendencies of gaming journalists, especially given how much the West loves the feature of zooming up on the female fighters’ faces as they get hit and punched by big, strong men.

Anyway, you can look for Dead or Alive 6 to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting February 15th, 2019 next year.

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