Diversity And Comics YouTube Channel Gets Hit With Multiple Copyright Strikes
Diversity and Comics

Diversity & Comics is a YouTube channel ran by comic book creator Richard C. Meyer. The channel has grown to 92,000 subscribers and continues to expand as comic book fans continue to abandon Marvel and DC and check out Diversity & Comics channel because he tells it like it is. However, he’s recently been hit with two copyright strikes within a short amount of time.

Initially he was hit with a copyright strike from Kwanza Osajyefo, who put a strike on his channel for reviewing a comic that wasn’t out yet. Meyer says he “took the hit” because he messed up by showing some of the comic book before its release date.

However, he was hit with a second strike from DC Vertigo contributor, Magdalene Visaggio, from a video he posted up over a year ago, which was a livestream hangout. Meyer discusses it in his latest video that was published on November 22nd, 2018.

At the moment, he’s going through his back catalog and taking down any video that could feature content from Visaggio or Osajyefo.

As noted in the image below, he’s already been hit with two copyright strikes, and his third strike would put Diversity & Comics out of commission.

He does plan on taking legal action against them on fair use grounds – specifically the second strike from Visaggio. He didn’t want to talk to his lawyer on Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday, but he did have plans on talking to his lawyer in short order to challenge the copyright strike.

For those of you who don’t know, if you get three copyright strikes on YouTube, your channel goes kaput.

Many Social Justice Warriors have been attacking Diversity & Comics ever since he started the channel and roasting a lot of the poorly written, poorly drawn, and badly depicted stories from Marvel and sometimes from DC. He’s managed to really get under the skin of the SJWs because he doesn’t toe the Progressive line and he’s been calling them out for their propaganda ever since the channel started.

They’ve attempted to organize in secret meetings to get him harassed out of ComicCon, they’ve attempted to collude to shut down his Patreon account, they went after the distributors to prevent his comic book Jawbreakers from appearing on comic book store shelves, and now they’re going after his YouTube channel using copyright strikes.

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