Doctor Who Latest Episode Sees 26% Ratings Drop, Fans Blame SJW Writing

Doctor Who

BBC has been heavily pushing the whole Social Justice Warrior angle for the Doctor Who series after Jodie Whittaker stepped into the role for the latest season. Some fans have rightly called out that the lower quality in writing, higher instances of SJW elements, and a stronger focus on pushing an agenda.

Daily Mail is reporting that the latest episode saw the steepest drop yet, with the series dropping 26% to just 6.1 million viewers, down from the 8.2 million viewers it scored in the season opener.

The drop makes a lot of sense when looking at the comments from loyal viewers on social media.

Fans are getting fed up with all of the agitprop being pushed through the latest season of Doctor Who.

Even before the latest episode hit its latest low this season, fans were already groveling to the writers to course correct and to abandon the current theme of pushing sociopolitical propaganda through the show. Much like with Battlefield V, and how the SJW agenda kickstarted the #NotMyBattlefield hashtag on social media, the agenda in Doctor Who has also started a #NotMyDoctor tag as well.

Doctor Who fans had previously complained in previous seasons about the decreasing quality of writing under the helm of Steven Moffat. But now the complaints have evolved and grown into more serious charges of BBC using the show to push the SJW agenda full-force through the show.

Even the comments on the Daily Mail page complained about the moral grandstanding and soapboxing that BBC has been doing through Doctor Who, claiming that they don’t watch it to be preached down to.

The ratings aren’t quite as bad as what the numbers were when they were at their lowest during Peter Capaldi’s run, but they’re quickly reaching those figures. Many viewers feared that the show would turn it into an SJW-style presentation once the Doctor was turned into a woman, but they probably didn’t expect the decline to be so fast and furious.

If the ratings continue to drop as fans continue to complain about the Social Justice Warrior agenda, one must wonder if the BBC will finally attempt to fix the problem or if they will simply let the show die a pitiful and uneventful death as the last remaining fans give up on the series?

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