Dragon Quest XI Ships 4 Million Copies Across PS4, Steam , 3DS
Dragon Quest XI Sales

Square Enix announced that they shipped a total worldwide figure of 4 million units of Dragon Quest XI for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC. The game still hasn’t launched on the Nintendo Switch after a number of delays, but it looks like the game is already a decent enough success for Square Enix at this point.

Series creator, Yuji Horii noted in the press release…

“I was truly delighted when I heard the news that Dragon Quest XI had exceeded four million sales worldwide. Back when I created the first Dragon Quest game, over thirty years ago, I could not possibly have dreamed that it would become a series that would cross the seas and be played by people all around the world. This is the eleventh numbered Dragon Quest title, and in depicting a ‘hero’s tale,’ also represents a new beginning for the series. […]”

Dragon Quest XI originally launched in Japan back in the middle of 2017 for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. A year later, after going through the localization process the game launched on PS4 and Steam for PC in September of 2018. Over the course of the past year Square managed to ship out a total of 4 million copies across all the available platforms.

According to Steam Spy the game has moved less than 100,000 copies.

This means that majority of the sales (and shipments) have been for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

The JRPG managed to find itself a stable home amongst fans of the sub-genre, and given that the game features females who aren’t designed to be hideous land-whales and ham-beasts, it was decidedly made the target of by the NPC horde who write at various SJW outlets that criticized the game for its sexiness.

The Nintendo Switch version still hasn’t released, but it’s due out when the game is finally finished for the system. It was originally delayed back in April of 2018. There’s still no ETA on when the game is coming to the Switch, but according to Forbes the game will be arriving on the Switch under the title of Dragon Quest XI S.

I’m sure Square is already happy with the sales they received for the game on the 3DS, PC, and PS4, but they probably wouldn’t mind receiving a few more zeroes on the bottom line for when the game arrives on the Switch.


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