Echo Of Soul MMO Enters Steam Early Access November 21st
Echo of Soul

Blue Potion Games announced that their new MMO, Echo of Soul, is set to enter into Early Access on Steam starting November 21st near the end of the month. The game currently has its Steam store page made available, which you can visit right now.

The story centers around the war between the gods and the giants, with the gods having won out. However, the blood of the king of giants corrupted the land and it’s up to players to take on the role of a Soulkeeper in order to maintain peace and protect the land.

The game is upfront about its Western release, with Blue Potion noting that they’re switching from a pay-to-win cash shop model to a play-to-win model. This is significant for the PvE and the PvP content where it melds in together due to the way the dungeon raiding and the realm-vs-realm content works.

Players will be able to choose from seven different character classes, including a Warrior, Guardian, Archer, Rogue, Sorceress, Warlock, and Paladin. The developers also axed the holy trinity setup of MMOs, where instead of having dedicated healers or DPS or tanks, every player is responsible for keeping the party healed, and tanking and DPS is based on how you build the class rather tan the class itself.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The combat is very similar to other non-targeting MMOs, such as Vindictus or RaiderZ. So it bypasses the whole Tab-targeting gameplay that was a staple for so long in the MMO sphere since it was made popular by games like World of Warcraft for what feels like an eternity ago.

Echo of Soul is no spring chicken, either. The game actually came out some half a decade ago over in South Korea.

Blue Potion has plans on taking the best of what worked in the Korean version and adapting and localizing it for the West. They have plans on keeping it in Early Access for at least six months in order to implement the limitless dungeons, the three-person dungeons, the RvR content, tower challenges, field hunting, and solo quests.

The game is built on the Unreal Engine and will launch with a 40% off discount on all its available purchases during the first week of release.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page or looking for the game to go live in Early Access on November 21st.


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