Forgotton Anne, Hand-Animated Side-Scroller Lands On Nintendo Switch Nov 9th
Forgotton Anne Nintendo Switch

Throughline Games and the Square Enix Collective have been peppering the media sphere with frequent news about Forgotton Anne, the side-scrolling, platforming adventure game that hearkens back the old days of hand-animated platformers and single-player stories that allowed you to complete them from start to finish without being bombarded with microtransactions and loot boxes.

After originally launching Forgotton Anne back in May of 2018 for the Xbox One, PC and PS4, Throughline decided to try their luck with getting the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and Nintendo approved. Heck, Nintendo has been approving more games than Sony these days, and it seems as if Nintendo is allowing a lot of adult-oriented titles on the Switch that you probably didn’t think would appear on the system.

Anyway, Forgotton Anne is set to arrive on the Switch starting November 9th at the end of the week. A new trailer was released to remind Switch owners about the game, in case they were interested.

The few things that stood out about the game was that one: the main character Anne actually acts like a female, which is kind of rare in today’s mainstream gaming circles where women are constantly being forced to act more masculine in order to maintain the myth that men and women are 100% equal across the board. And two: Anne actually wears a dress, something a young girl her age would wear, which is another rarity for an adventure-platforming game where most heroines are dressed up in men clothing these days.

As far as the gameplay is concerned it seems like a standard adventure-platformer, reminiscent of classics like Éric Chahi’s Out of this World or Heart of Darkness, classic games that had iconic art-styles and unique stories that we usually don’t get in today’s games.

In the case of Forgotton Anne, the hand-animated title sees Anne working as an enforcer in a world of lost and forgotten objects from the normal world. Working with her mentor, Anne hopes to one day find a way back to the normal world, but a rebellion from the forgotten objects pose a threat to her returning home.

You can look for the game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch starting November 9th on the Nintendo eShop.


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