GTA 5 Mods Add DOA 5’s Naotora Ii In Sexy Gantz Outfit, Updated HQ Female Skins
GTA 5 DOA5 LR Naotora Ii Gantz Nude Mod

If GTA V has been feeling kind of stiff and stale lately, there are some new mods to help add some flavor to the gameplay meal. I’m talking about a selection of new outfits based on the anime and manga GantZ, as well as some updated HQ skins for the females that give them much more realistic looking nipples.

Modder X-MAN released the mod for the PC version of GTA V. The mod features Naotora Ii in the the GantZ gear, either rocking boots and the slingshot, or having all her private parts exposed while the shoulder harness and plugs are still intact. The mod is based on Naotora’s appearance in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, and it replaces one of the pedestrians. It’s obviously not safe for work, but you can download the mod right now from over on the page.

GTA 5 – 148765-屏幕截图(60)

There’s also a second mod that was put together by Rose Evolucion. This mod features a repainted, reskinned high-quality skin mod for the females. It’s version 3.0 of this particular outing, featuring edited and revamped hands, a sexy figure, realistic skin, and most importantly… advanced HQ nipples.

This is the sort of technology that’s only possible through the power of the PC Master Race.

Rose Evolucion showcased how you can install the new HQ nipples mod for GTA V by using a YouTube video. And yes, you actually get to see those puppies in action. Check out the NSFW video below.

Is it possible? Is it actually a female modder who makes sexy-time mods? Really?!

That’s about as rare as finding an illegal immigrant voting Republican in a rigged booth setup by Democrats.

Anyway, if you want to add some extra realism to your version of GTA V, especially when it comes to the female nipples, you can do so by downloading the mod from the page.


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