Imolicious Denied Release On Nutaku, Mikandi Due To Incest Themes

Yume Creations’ Imolicious has been hitting all sorts of roadblocks when it comes to getting released. The visual novel was originally denied entry on Steam because product development manager Jason Ruymen decided that the game allegedly “exploited children”, even though the characters are over the age of 18. Well, now other outlets have also prohibited the release of the visual novel while also further explaining why they won’t allow it on their platform.

Nutaku denied the game’s release due to the incest themes.

If you’re unable to read the text in the image, it states…

“Unfortunately, Imolicious has failed its compliance review according to the following comments:


“The entire story of the game is incest with uncertainty as to the main character’s state of mental health. The only sex is incest and the game ends with a suicide – not content that should be promoted on


“Therefore, we will not be able to distribute this in its current form. However, if you want to make some changes in the game in order to meet compliance requirements, I will be glad to submit it one more time.”

Some gamers asked Yume Creations if they would be modifying the content or altering the story to comply with Nutaku’s content regulations regarding visual novels on the storefront. Others suggested that Yume Creations look to other digital distribution storefronts to release the game on.

Yume Creations followed their advice and attempted to get Imolicious released on MiKandi’s storefront. However, they, too, also denied the game’s release on their platform, citing issues with incest and how payment processors don’t allow them to carry that kind of content.

If you’re unable to read the tweet, it states…

“Thanks for preparing the materials and your patience. Unfortunately, I have some bad news about Imolicious. MiKandi won’t be able to publish the game due to content restrictions and pressure from our billing partners (credit card companies). The CC companies actively monitor, flag, and order us to remove any content that contains sexual references to “sisters”, “incest” (even if implied or fantasized), as well as several other strong topics. In fact, we MiKandi Japan, were recently selling a “sister”-type Japanese hentai manga in the comic section which had to be taken down permanently.


“That said, our credit card partners, because we are an adult marketplace, do have the widest policies for us. (It’s great that we can sell some things that other places don’t). However… our billing partners are the strictest regarding this content. So because of that, we’re unable to sell Imolicious.”

This fits in line with other recent changes that some storefronts, digital distribution outlets, and content hosting services have undertaken. Patreon, for instance, also updated its terms of service to limit content that featured bestiality and incest, which was announced on October 25th, 2017 last year via a blog post.

A few others suggested that Yume Creations look into hosting the game on MangaGamer or JAST, while a few more suggested that they look into getting the game hosted on DLSite.

For now, it appears as if getting Imolicious onto a digital storefront will be the developer’s most pressing task.

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