Imolicious Finally Gets Full Uncensored Release On Fakku

Yume Creations has been dragged through the mud with trying to get Imolicious up and out for the general public. The visual novel is a typical romance story themed around incest, but for some reason two employees at Valve, Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi, dislike various visual novels and have been banning them from the store, including The Key To Home, Maomao Discovery, and Imolicious.

The rogue employees’ vendetta against anime-style visual novels culminated in Yume Creations having their Steam partner account banned.

Thankfully, the developer was able to find some quantum of solace from the prefects orchestrating the waifu holocaust by finally releasing Imolicious uncensored over on the Fakku storefront.

This came after attempting to release the game on other digital distribution services but to no avail.

This included attempting to release the game on Nutaku, but the adult digital distribution outlet told Yume Creations that they wouldn’t allow a game on their platform featuring suicide and incest. This meant that the game would have to be heavily censored or completely changed in order to release on Nutaku.

Alternatively, the developers tried releasing Imolicious on Mikandi, but they were told that credit card processors were clamping down on content featuring incest. So Mikandi denied release of the game on their platform as well.

Yume Creations also released the game on DLSite but they had to censor the game using mosaics since DLSite is a Japanese site. The only other place that has agreed to release the game in its uncensored format is JASTUSA. But for now, Fakku was the first to go ahead and accept Imolicious in all its uncensored glory.


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