Imolicious’ Yume Creations Has Dev Account Restored On Steam, Says It Was Just A Mistake

Yume Creations has been put through waifu Tartarus. The developer was desperately trying to get the game Imolicious on Steam, Nutaku, and Mikandi, but was denied entry on all three platforms. Two of Valve’s employees claimed that the game exploited minors; Nutaku said that incest and suicide weren’t allowed on their platform; Mikandi blamed payment processors for not allowing the game on their storefront. Throughout all of this Valve had banned Yume Creations’ developer partner account, but the developer is now saying that it was just a mistake.

Originally the partner account was announced as being banned back on November 25th, 2018. On the upside, the developer was able to get their game on Fakku and are working to get their game released on JASTUSA as well. However, on November 28th, 2018, Yume Creations announced that their developer account on Steam was restored and that it was all just a mistake.

This is actually really good news for the small outfit because being banned from Steam not only nulls any possibility of any version of Imolicious being released on Valve’s platform, but it also cuts off the studio’s previous games from being on the platform, which is what happened to Dank Boi Games after the developer questioned Valve on their banning policies.

This is basically good news for gamers who have been following Yume Creations because it means that they can at least continue to produce games that can at least be submitted to Steam. Whether or not the games will be approved is a whole different story.

Imolicious is currently available on Fakku and DLSite. The game is not available on Steam because two of Valve’s employees don’t like the game and claimed it exploited minors, even though the characters are depicted in the story as being over 18.

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