Incel Clicker Has Players Battling Furries, Trolls, Soy Boys, And Normies
Incel Clicker

Soiree Games makes trollish games themed around parodying neckbeard culture. They’ve released games like Neckbeards: Basement Arena and Neckbeards: Silly Squadron. Their latest game is Incel Clicker, where you attempt to battle against 7004 enemies by clicking through the battles.

You’re able to select from six different characters, including some chick with Klinefertel Syndrome, or a dude who is a time-traveling alcoholic.

The game is a typical clicker with low-quality graphics and animations, and all the [current year] tropes you would expect a game like this to have.

As you can see in the video, you rack up coins while defeating “Average Males”, attempting to acquire PUA books (which is short for pick-up artist), and fighting against Mansplainers, Beta Males, actual trolls, a Blue Pilled Moron, Normies, and Soy Boys.

The game sees beta males orbiting around the enemies, representing the beta orbiters that in real life turn out to be rapists.

As you move up in level you fight other enemies such as Boomers, Incel Ghosts, and even attractive Traps. Eventually you’ll face off against School Shooters on your way out of high school.

Yeah… it’s one of those games.

There are a few other notable people you might recognize throughout the game, such as Hugh Mongus, and blue haired harpies.

Once you reach the Camp Autist level you’ll be facing off against bronies, furries, and a few other typical culture war icons.

The game is available for only $1.99 over on the Steam store.

I wonder if Valve will stick to their word and remove the game for “trolling” like they did with Gay Nation or will they give it a pass? Two of Valve’s employees have recently been exercising their own kind of content control on games, removing them for nebulous reasons that extend beyond what Valve initially said they would use to remove certain games from the store, but in cases where games are designed to troll the audience, one must question what level of trolling is required to get Valve’s attention?

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