Marble It Up! Rolls Onto Steam For Fans Of Monkey Ball And Racing Games
Marble It Up

Developer Marble It Up and Alvios recently released the 3D platforming racing game, Marble It Up! on Steam. The game is a really awesome looking, fast-paced, 3D platformer that mixes in its challenge-based levels with a top notch sense of competition. After launching on the Switch back in late September, the game is now available on Steam for $19.99. During the first week of being on sale you can get the game for 15% off for only $16.99.

The game features 40 different levels to complete, as well as skins to unlock, and battle through kinetic platforming puzzles.

The game, both on the Nintendo Switch and on PC, runs at a full on 60 frames per second. And there’s also a ghost mode where you can compete against the best times posted by those on the leaderboards.

Nintendo Switch gamers in particular will be able to make use of the game’s HD Rumble.

While Switch owners can grab a digital copy of the game from over on the Nintendo eShop, PC gamers will have special access to the Steam Workshop.

Yes, you’ll be able to build your very own courses in Marble It Up! and then share them with the Steam community through the Workshop community.

So yes, while the Switch gains the advantage of being able to make use of the portability and mobility offered by Nintendo’s hybrid console, along with the HD Rumble, the PC version ultimately gains the advantage of having infinite replayability thanks to being able to create new levels and keep the action going indefinitely.

If you’re looking to add a cool game to your library you can look to get your hands on Marble It Up! right now over on the Steam store.

The only question is whether you should purchase the PC version or the Switch version? Obviously it depends on whether you’re looking for portability out of your gaiming needs.

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