Microsoft Opens GGPD Xbox Division To Develop Partnerships With Asian Developers
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With Sony ruining their relationship with Japanese developers over the new PS4 censorship policy, many people have noted that it has opened up a perfect opportunity for Microsoft and Nintendo to step in and pick up the slack. Well, it looks like Microsoft is actually doing just that with their new GGPD division.

According to GearNuke, Microsoft is building out the Global Gaming Partnership & Development division in Asia. This division will specifically help Japanese, South Korean, Chinese, and Southeast Asian developers establish partnerships with Microsoft.

GearNuke picked up the news from the Spanish website Generacion Xbox, which listed the requirements of the job, which will stretch across the globe from Tokyo, to South Korea, to Shanghai, and also Redmond, Washington.

The most interesting aspect of this job is that Microsoft is in a “hurry” to get this job position filled, with the description stating…

“For the description of this offer, the GGPD team destined for Asia, should start as soon as possible and streamline the processes, so it follows that Microsoft is in a hurry to advance work there. At present it is Chris Charla or Phil Spencer who has to close deals there, now there will be a team and a more dedicated figure.”

Microsoft gave up on Asia initially after the Xbox 360 failed in Japan. Years later they tried again by selling some Xbox One SKUs in China after the country lifted the ban on home console units in the mainland. Microsoft has still been aggressively pursuing the Chinese market, as noted by OnMSFT.

Nintendo could also possibly be putting in a little effort to get in on the Chinese market, too, according to analyst Daniel Ahmed.

As for Microsoft’s new division in Asia, the job of senior director is still open, as listed over on the official website

“As Sr. Director, Global Gaming Partnerships and Development across the Asia region, you will work with other business development leads, finance and legal teams to source, develop and manage key partnerships to support Microsoft’s strategic gaming initiatives including Xbox One, Mixer, Game Pass and Gaming Cloud. You will collaborate closely with engineering and marketing teams and lead local resources to advance the Microsoft presence in these key markets. You will also be asked to assist in creating strategies for new gaming-related services and/or business models that will drive revenue and user growth across all gaming platforms, including, but not limited to, subscriptions, streaming, and mobile.”

Depending on the partnerships Microsoft develops with Asian developers will determine how much of a threat they might become to Sony during the next gen. With Sony’s censorship policies in full swing, this could be what Microsoft needs to get back into the competitive fold.


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