Netflix’s She-Ra Turns Spinnerella Fat And Gives Her The Power To Break Wind

Netflix has a penchant for turning everything into an exercise in adopting the Social Justice Warrior agenda an attempting to produce material designed to appease NPCs. This has been unbearably evident with the grotesque display that is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which is essentially the head-canon of Tumblr artists brought to life through Netflix.

The new take on Spinnerella sees the tornado tamer devolved from a beautiful, empowered, fit woman with the ability to manipulate weather, into an overweight purple-haired wind-breaker. No really. You can check out the official tweet below.

If you’re unable to read her powers, the description states…

“Spinnerella is not tied to a specific kingdom, but she’s always been a staunch ally for the rebellion. By spinning, she can create cyclones of wind to blow the enemy away. She usually has a kind, loving nature, but she can go from gentle breeze to mighty storm in a heartbeat.”

So yeah, she can control and break wind, or literally blow enemies away with her gusts of air… and she’s fat. The jokes practically write themselves at this point.

Twitter user PelleCreepy did a quick comparison between the old Spinnerella and the new one, showcasing how the new Netflix show is themed around making the female characters as unappealing and unattractive as possible.

Usually super heroes are designed to be ideals, but in the case of Social Justice Warriors, they prefer designing characters you would never want to be like. For Spinnerella it means turning her into the kind of depiction you would likely find as a profile picture on Tumblr, and any little girl who wants to grow up to mimic a Tumblr profile picture should be put into therapy instantly, like right now. Otherwise you’ll have a full blown feminazi on your hands by the time she reaches college and the only thing she’ll achieve in life from that point on is a gender studies degree and $50 a month on the hipster welfare service known as Patreon from a couple of creepy male feminists on Twitter who are desperate to get a taste of poontang pie even when it’s fat, smelly, and bad for their health.

As reported by Bounding Into Comics, the new, overweight Spinnerella did not go over too well with a lot of the fans of the old series. Typically the NPC crowd that populates Twitter praised it, but normal people quipped about this supposed super heroine looking more like an example from a diabetes commercial on the kind of lifestyle you would want to avoid, or perhaps the “before” example in a Lipozine ad.

You can check out a few comments from users who weren’t from the bakery of obesity acceptance.




The whole She-Ra reboot has been subject to a lot of criticism due to the SJW nature of the show. Various characters now have gay or lesbian parents, there are no longer any empowered straight white males on the show, and when Adora transforms into She-Ra she develops the body of an effeminate teenage boy.

The entire thing is designed to confuse and indoctrinate children with the perverse doctrines of anti-truth that the Left have been attempting to peddle over the last half decade.

Thankfully, not everyone has bought into their agitprop, and there’s still a decently sized group of normal people pushing back against the idea that kids need to be inculcated with sociopolitical degeneracy.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power debuts on Netflix November 13th.


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