New Star Manager Cheats Give You Unlimited Money
New Star Manager Cheats

New Star Games and Five Aces Publishing’s New Star Manager is yet another game in the wonderful world of football (or soccer to most Yanks), hoping to rival Sega’s highly lauded Football Manager 19 outing. The game offers players the ability to purchase players, staff up the club, and attempt to become a world leader in football. For gamers not content with playing through the game the honest way, there are some cheats available.

You can download the cheat trainer right now from over on the page.

The trainer contains the following options:

  • Money +10,000
  • Reset Money to 0
  • Resets your money to zero.
  • Money +50,000
  • Selected Player: +10 Energy
  • Money +250,000
  • Selected Player: +10 Contract Matches
  • Selected Player: +10 Happiness Bonus
  • Selected Player: Tackling +5
  • Selected Player: Technique +5
  • Selected Player: Dribbling +5
  • Selected Player: Pace +5
  • Selected Player: Strength +5
  • Selected Player: +50 Energy

The options enable you to take a player and turn them into a super-player. You have the ability to pump up their stats so that they can take to the pitch and destroy the competition.

Additionally, you can use the money cheats to fill your bank account so you’ll have enough to hire in whoever you need to bring your club up to par. Whether it be a new scouter, a new coach to whip the players into shape, or a brand new star player to take hold of the forward position and beat the competition into submission.

The game itself sees player taking on the role of a football manager, where you’ll need to use your skills to bring the team up to the top of the ranks. The game allows you to control what sort of club facilities are built and upgraded for the players’ training regime, dealing with the off-pitch drama of keeping volatile player personalities in check, and utilizing your on-pitch expertise to bring your team together and execute the plays like a boss.

You can pick up a digital copy of New Star Manager right now from the Steam store for just $19.99.


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