Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide For Waifu Hunters

Nintendo Switch Gift Guide

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With Black Friday getting everyone up in a tizzy, causing various outlets to put together a bunch of deals and lists in order to help corral people into Christmas shopping with themed buyers’ guides, it only made sense to offer some gamers with particular interests a little bit of advice on what they can look to pick up during the holiday season to stay warm at night.

In particular, there are a couple of Nintendo Switch games you can keep your eye on to pick up either for yourself or a loved one if you (or them) are in desperate need of some good waifu bait.

Senran Kagura: Reflexions

First up is XSeed games’ Senran Kagura: Reflexions. It’s a game designed for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons and offers gamers dynamic feedback through the HD Rumble effect. This allows you to feel your way through the process of getting to know each of the girls in the game (and the DLC) via massages, light spankings, jiggling, fondling, and squeezing. The only thing this game was missing in the collector’s edition was a haptic feedback glove and a box of Kleenex to round out the experience.

Nevertheless, Senran Kagura: Reflexions isn’t a real game per se. You just kind of bubble through mini-games to get in a squeeze, a bounce, a pinch, or a slap on the well-endowed and bountiful ninja girls up for grabs. Obviously it’s much more than what you could get from anything coming to the PS4 given the company’s new censorship policy. Nevertheless, Senran Kagura: Reflexions is available on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99. There are also additional DLC packs for $9.99 as well, featuring different clothes and girls for you to “interact” with.

Code of Princess EX

If you have a PC then the best bet for you to get your hands on Code of Princess EX is to grab a copy from a participating digital distributor who has a copy for you. If you have a Nintendo Switch, and you enjoy gaming on the go, then you can’t really go wrong with filing out your library with the waifu bait featured in Code of Princess EX. The game is themed around the super-hotty in the plate bikini, Princess Solange, as she fights through monster hordes to gather her party and free the land from the invasion.

The plot sounds like something out of a typical doujin that Republicans clap at the immigration allegories and recoil at all the premarital baby-making material that happens between the monsters and the hotties. Nevertheless, Switch owners don’t have to worry about anyone being recoiled because despite all the scantily clad fan-service featured in the game, it’s only rated ‘T’ for Teen. Physical copies are available over on Amazon and other participating retailers for $29.99.

Pure /Electric Love

Oh boy, you’re in for a treat with this one. While the other entries on this list feature 3D game girls or 2D waifu bait, Pure /Electric Love relies on real-life hotties tempting you with some heart-pounding phone conversations, borderline-lewd imagery, and virgin-killer sweeters that will force cosplayers to step their game up to compete with top-tier AV models.

Pure Electric Love comes in a number of different formats, as outlined in the video above from Deoxy360. There are multiple versions of the dating sim, which emulates a mobile app of sorts. In one version you have Ema Sakura who cosplays in a number of super sexy outfits, where you get to see her in hot photoshoots and interact with her regarding her hobbies or interests, and you also get to see more than eight different peep-show style videos featuring her. The game also supports touchscreen interactivity. Pure/Electric Love “Everyone Else!” – Ema Sakura is available on the Nintendo eShop for $5.00. You can also get your hands on Pure/Electric Love “Love At My Eyes!” – Moe Yamauchi from the Nintendo eShop for $5.00 as well, along with Pure/Electric Love “What Do You Want?” – Eri Kitami, which features a selection of videos and photoshoots of Eri in a PVC cat suit, a teacher outfit, a maid’s outfit, and schoolgirl clothing, for just $5.00.

Gal*Gun 2

PQube may have gotten the shaft by Sony by having Omega Labyrinth Z banned from release in the West for the PS4, but they were welcomed with open arms by Nintendo when it came to the uncensored release of Gal*Gun 2. The game sees players attempting to help the schoolgirls unleash their sexual energy by tapping into their pleasure spots.

Your goal is to fulfill each of the girls’ desires by satisfying their requests, completing missions and using the gun to make the girls happy in ways that feminists could only dream and rant about on Twitter. The highlight is that Inti Creates took things to the next level in Gal*Gun 2 by allowing gamers to take hold of a special Demon Sweeper that allows them to suck up the girls’ clothes in order to get rid of the demons, which fully exposes their undergarments for all to see. This pantsu-paradise shooter is bound to keep waifu hunters busy all throughout the holiday season, right past Christmas and into the new year, exhausted from all the Joy-Con workouts you’ll be putting into Gal*Gun 2. You can grab a physical copy of the game from Amazon for $34.99, or you can get the digital version from the Nintendo eShop for $59.99.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

How could you have a list of games about waifus for the Nintendo Switch and not include SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy? This is basically waifu central for the Switch. It features a collection of female heroines from SNK’s games, as well as gender-swapped female versions of male characters such as Skullomania, Terry Bogard, and Iori, all ripe and available for disrobing and sexy cosplaying.

Now to be totally upfront about it, this isn’t a fighting game that’s deep or mechanically complex. It’s a very simple fighter with a lot of auto-combos, single-button specials, and lots of colorful and ridiculous things happening on screen to keep you entertained. What the game obviously lacks as a competitive fighter it makes up for it with its varied customization and array of clothing that allows gamers to outfit the characters in the kind of clothes that best suit their taste, ranging from cow-colored bikinis to mini-dresses with slits up the side, and plenty of other cosplay-friendly clothing in between. Oh yeah, and did I mention there’s still plenty of boob jiggling to be had? Well, there is. You can pick up a digital copy from the Nintendo eShop for $49.99 or a physical copy Amazon for $42.00.