Nintendo Will Reportedly Censor Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Mr. Game And Watch

Super Smash Bros Game and Watch

According to Source Gaming, Nintendo will reportedly censor the feather from the silhouette in an attack animation performed by the character Mr. Game & Watch. This comes after a barrage of attacks from anti-gaming media outlets pressured Nintendo to make the change. However, it all started after racists on the hate-forum ResetEra began to organize a campaign to have Native American references removed from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

According to the tweet, Nintendo sent a press statement to Source Gaming, stating…

“Nintendo has been planning to distribute an update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that removes the feather from the silhouette of Mr. Game & Watch. The original game on which this depiction of the character is based was released more than three decades ago and does not represent our company values today.


“We sincerely apologize that this change was not noticed in our marketing material and our continuing our work to make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate an experience that is both welcoming and fun for everyone.”

This means that Nintendo has kowtowed to the Social Justice Warrior NPC mob who wanted to censor the game in order to spite the vision of the original artist, something that many of the racists on the Left have been doing in an attempt to erase Native Americans from video games. These kind of racist activists were also successful in scaring Nintendo into censoring Bravely Default 2, where the Native American costumes were censored from the game, as reported by TechnoBuffalo.

Many anti-gaming activists have been working hard at the erasure of certain ethnic references in video games, which is part of the Intersectional Inquisition’s quest to merge all cultures into a monolithic representation of culturally blank society.

This seems to be part and parcel for those on the Left, who have – since around 2012 – been advocating for treating minorities as less-than-human, as evident with ResetEra trying to completely remove any Native American references from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It appears as if they view Native American culture as unworthy of being depicted in a video game, since they were rather adamant about having the content removed from the game.

It’s baffling why Nintendo would bend the knee to obvious racists, but it just goes to show you that the real threat to gaming culture and diversity are those who are trying to remove any culture that isn’t dictated and controlled by the racist activists on the Left.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due out on December 7th, 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

(Thanks for the news tip monzaemon92)

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