Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD PS4 Patch Heavily Censors CG Images; Switch Version Is Safe

Nora to Oujo

New screenshots have emerged for Harukaze’s Nora Princess and Stray Cat, oftentimes referred to as Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD. The screenshots reveal the more formal censorship that Harukaze has implemented for the PS4 version of Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD instead of the giant bright strobe lights that were originally used to censor the game.

Gematsu picked up the news about the censorship over on the official Nora Anime website, where Harukaze announced that they have added all new CG images to the HD version of the game via a patch, and that they replaced the giant bright strobe lights with more conservative imagery for the girls. These new images will also be available for viewing through the CG image gallery.

You can see the comparison between the new PS4 patched version, which is at the top, the pre-patch censored version featuring the giant strobe lights, and the bottom image from the PS Vita and Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Nora-to-Oujo-to-Noraneko-Heart-Update_11-16-18_Compare_003 - PS4

Nora-to-Oujo-to-Noraneko-Heart-Update_11-16-18_Compare_002-600x338 - PS4 Pre-Patch Censored version

Nora-to-Oujo-to-Noraneko-Heart-Update_11-16-18_Compare_001-600x340 - Nintendo Switch, PS Vita

Some scenes have been completely removed or totally altered along with the story settings, as evident with the fact that in the original bathroom scene one of the characters came up from behind to grope the big anime titties of another character, with bright lights censoring out the character’s nipples.

Nora to Oujo Noraneko Heart HD - Bathroom Scene

Initially, Harukaze added giant bright lights to the scene and completely censored out everything. This included covering the entirety of the character’s body, their breasts, midriffs, and thighs. This also included no longer showing any of the characters in their underwear.

Nora-to-Oujo-to-Noraneko-Heart-Update_11-16-18_CGs - Super Censorship

In the revised CG sequence for the patched version on PS4, both characters are now fully clothed, there’s a less sultry face on the chick being fondled, and you can no longer see the soft breast tissue being squeezed by the character’s hands. As you can see from the background, it’s still taking place in the exact same locker area as the images above, it’s just now a lot more tame.


This kind of censorship abomination will now become the standard for visual novels and other fan-service games released on the PS4 that were originally intended for straight males.

As noted on the official website, the Switch version will remain uncensored, but Harukaze will add the option to view the censored PS4 CG images in the extended story gallery, stating…

“When the patch is applied to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, there will be no change to the existing CG images. The additional CG will be added to the story.


“Additionally, you’ll be able to view the CG images in the gallery mode.”

The Switch patch will arrive at a later date, but the PS4 version’s first “enhancement” patch containing the six new and altered CG images will be released in December. An additional patch for other CG images will be released in January and February respectively in 2019.

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD is one of many games that had to undergo drastic censorship on the PS4 as part of Sony’s new censorship policy for fan-service.

At one point more than 10,000 gamers petitioned Sony to reverse course on the censorship policy, but there’s been a glitch on the website that set the petition back by 2,000 signatures.

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