Norfolk Warriors, Virtual Tabletop Game Preps For Open Beta December 1st
Norfolk Warriors

Canadian developer Mouchet Software announced that Norfolk Warriors, a game based on the Veil of Entropy series, will enter into open beta starting next month on December 1st. You can sign up for the beta right now by visiting the official website.

The virtual tabletop game will see players joining the nomaic tribes of Saskabellon, as they journey northward through the Azillation Mountains and eventually encounter the Berrat and the Gigas, races who lived in Arnnor. The story follows their exploration of the frozen north sea and the mysterious temple they encounter along the mountainside.

Norfolk Warriors is a Nordic-themed virtual tabletop RPG where players will be able to develop their heroes, level them up with skills across six different categories, and battle using a classic hexagonal turn-based system where you can take on a number of different enemies fantasy enemies and beasts alike.

Like most other virtual tabletop games, you’ll have a bevy of quests to take on, lots of different characters to encounter, and a large world to explore that stretches across the great north.

One of the game’s selling points is the new engine built around the cohort system, which is a finely crafted role-playing mechanic utilizing specific rule-sets for encounters, combat, races, and world-building. According to the press release, the engine will allow for the creation of a number of different games spread across different genres thanks to the flexibility of the design tools. There isn’t a whole lot of info available on the game, but there is a start-up video guide you can check out below.

The team is also discussing the development of Norfolk Warriors and the further expansion of the Veil of Entropy universe through the official Veil of Entropy Discord channel.

Additionally, more information and etails on Norfolk Warriors will be made available as the game enters into beta testing on December 1st.


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