Nutaku Desktop Client Available For Download; Nutaku Eyes Console Gamers
Nutaku Client

If you can’t be bothered to open web browsers in order to access the sexy-time games offered up by Nutaku, fret not for there is a beta version of the desktop client available to download right now for all your faptastic needs.

Nutaku announced that you can download the NSFW client, for free, by visiting the Nutaku store download page.

You’ll be able to access Nutaku’s library of adult software, ranging from the free-to-play clickers, to the premium visual novels, to the multiplayer RPGs, and everything else in between.

According to Julie Hall, the communications manager at Nutaku, she mentioned in the press release..

“We’re elated to announce the optimized client, catered towards our platform and our users’ needs. This opens the door for us into providing more options for our community, and to expose our players to higher quality titles. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline including something for mobile and console gamers as we prepare for the global launch of the client.”

Console gamers? Really? Now that’s going to be interesting.

I would nearly die laughing if it turned out that there’s going to be a browser client or app available for the Nintendo Switch, so you can play Fap CEO while on the go.

The press release doesn’t exactly say what’s inbound for the console or in what capacity, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Nutaku will be taking feedback and reports during the client’s beta launch in order to squash bugs and improve the overall performance and quality of the desktop client. This is a nice little competitive addition to the world of PC gaming that gives GOG Galaxy and Steam an 18+ run for their money, especially since keeps apologizing to SJWs for Twitter jokes and Valve seems to be reigniting the second waifu holocaust.

As mentioned at the top of the article, you can download the beta client right now, for free.


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