Nyko Unveils Dualies Motion Controller For Nintendo Switch

Nyko Dualies

Nyko announced a series of new peripherals for the Nintendo Switch, including a set of new motion controllers called the Dualies. These wireless devices can replace your Joy-Con. The two pads mimic the left and right Joy-Con, with the added option of being able to charge the controllers or play via USB, as well as make use of analog risers for those of you who prefer taking advantage of the precision controls.

The Dualies come with four analog risers and a USB charging cable. There are also ports available for lanyard wrist attachments.

They also support a 56K oHm resistor recharge, and will be available on Amazon for $49.99.

Dualies Package

You’ll also be able to recharge your controllers using the Charge Base Plus station, which will enable you to recharge your controllers for the Switch through the USB type-C connector.

It’ll allow you to dock not only your peripherals but also the Poke Ball Plus for the Switch, all for just $14.99. The charger does not come with the Poke Ball as pictured in the image below, but it does work with the Poke Ball as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Nyko Charge Connector USB Type-C

Alternatively, if you’re gearing up for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there’s a Nyko retro multi-controller hub for Nintendo GameCube controllers that can plug into your Nintendo Switch using a dual USB adapter. The port offers functionality for up to four GameCube controllers. This reminds me of the old-school PlayStation multi-tap adapters from way back in the day.

And speaking of controllers… Nyko’s other device for the Switch is a wireless transparent Bluetooth Pro Controller with alternative turbo buttons and the ability to connect it to your PC or Android mobile device. It comes in clear, purple, green, red, and blue. The controller will be available for purchase for only $29.99.

For more info, feel free to visit the official Nyko website.