Our Lovely Escape VN Has Gamers Romancing Hot Otome Designers
Our Lovely Escape Visual Novel

Reine Works and Top Hat Studios announced that they have a new sexy visual novel on the horizon called Our Lovely Escape. It’s a slice of life visual novel where you take on the role of a male or female working with a group of hotties who develop otome games.

The visual novel is themed around making acquaintances with the girls at the studio, and you’ll have the choice of either pursuing a meaningful relationship with them or ending up living the oh-so-dreadful life of normalcy.

The game allows you to get close to Lissa Vogel, the general manager; Alexis Ainsworth, a studio artist; or Mayu Ueda, the studio’s programmer.

Each of the girls have their own personality quirks, so you’ll have to feel around to get in close to their… good spots. The game is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, seeking out a very modest $1,144. They’re already close to that goal with 29 days to go.

Like previous Reine Works outings, the visual novel sports HD CG art from Japanese artists, along with three different character routes, sexy sex scenes with a complimentary adult patch due for release alongside the game, and up to 15 different endings to unlock. They’ve also tacked on an additional mini-game, allowing for up to seven hours of total playtime.

The Steam store page is already active, and they have plans on getting the game polished up and finished off for a first quarter release in 2019 on PC.

Now if you’re thinking that the Kickstarter price is pretty low, it’s because the core of the visual novel is already complete, including the CGs, the background images, the script, the music tracks, and the sprites. So what’s the Kickstarter for? Well, editing and programming, both of which are around 25% done.

Once they get those last two hurdles out of the way they’ll be ready to release the game to the general public. If you want to help see the game get finished by making a contribution, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.

If you’re unsure about the game you can check out a free demo from over on the Itch.io page.


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