Overkill’s The Walking Dead Launches On Steam With Mixed Reviews
Overkill's The Walking Dead

505 Games and Overkill Software released a new cinematic trailer for Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The cinematic features the “diverse” characters killing some zombies, killing some humans, and stealing a purifier and getting out of the camp. The cinematic trailer doubles as the launch trailer for the Steam version of the game, which is available right now for $59.99.

The game isn’t receiving the most favorable of reviews, though. Most people admit that while the game isn’t terrible, it’s not that great either and doesn’t justify the high price tag.

The current review rating is sitting at “Mixed”, with some people giving it a thumbs up because they said they “had fun” with it.

The vast majority of “helpful” reviews give the game a big red thumbs down, though, citing that the game is boring, mundane, generic, repetitive, and basically just a clone of Left 4 Dead.

There’s a lot of similar comments over on the YouTube launch trailer as well, the one mentioned at the top of the article. You can check out the trailer for yourself courtesy of ONE Media.

The user ratings for the trailer are positive, but feedback on the actual game mirror the sort of nonchalant approach that Steam users have taken.

The actual gameplay is literally a carbon copy of Left 4 Dead 2. You’ll need to kill some zombies, collect certain items, progress through the stage, complete the objective and then proceed on toward the next level. All of the stages take place within the Washington D.C., area but given how dark most stages are and how ruined the environments are, it’s difficult to make out many landmarks anyway.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is available right now on the Steam store for PC. The online co-op zombie shooter is scheduled to launch in early 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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