Parasite In The City H-Game Enters Early Access December 12th On Steam [Updated]
Parasite in the City

[Update 12/5/2018:] The original developer of Parasite in the City made a post on his website indicating that the upcoming Steam release of the game is a scam from someone impersonating Pixel Factory and that he is working with Valve to have the game taken down from Steam.

[Original article:] Two of Valve’s employees have been attempting to low-key reignite the Waifu Holocaust; they’ve been banning certain games from the Steam store, citing things like “exploiting minors” or because the games have “sexually suggestive” content involving minors. Nevertheless, some developers are willing to give their game a shot on the Steam store, even while facing down against two agents of the Anime Apocalypse.

The game is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, where players takeon the role of a young woman in a skimpy outfit attempting to navigate her way through a city filled with zombies, parasitic bugs, and other foul and diseased monsters all attempting to rape the crap out of her and impregnate her with their seed.

You’ll have to navigate through the sewers, travel through the city streets, and attempt to avoid the parasites who all want a piece of that hot blonde arse.

You’ll be armed with a pistol, and the objective is to reach the end of the game by escaping the city before the blonde chick gets ravaged and impregnated by one of the parasites.

There are seven different enemies to encounter, two different difficulty settings, two different game modes, three different endings, and two different galleries.

The developers supposedly have plans on enhancing the game throughout its Early Access run, which they estimate will take about three months. They want to add new character personalization features, new monsters, and more chapters as well.

Some of the gamers in the forums are curious if Pixel Factory and Hentai Library are legit, given that they don’t have a history on Steam, but we’ll find out how legit they are when December 12th rolls around and Parasite in the City launches into Early Access. You can learn more about this classic H-game making its way onto the Steam store by visiting the app page.


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