PlayStation Plus Games For December Get Hit With The Downvote Hammer


Sony seems to be finding new ways to disappoint their fans and get gamers to hate them. Then again, the piss poor offerings of the PlayStation Plus line-up has been dreadful for years on end, so I suppose angering fans with a rather unceremonious smattering of six games for December is par the course at this point.

The news was rolled out over on the PlayStation Blog, where the six games across the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 were revealed.

The news did not go down well for gamers who wanted to spend Christmas playing some high-quality games, and it was met with a sizable force of downvotes.

The six games included in December’s PS Plus line-up include:

  • Onrush – PS4
  • Soma – PS4
  • Steinsgate – PS3
  • Papers, Please – PS Vita
  • Iconoclasts – PS Vita

The people on the PlayStation Blog seem to be excited, mostly for Soma. Others are just kind of fed up with Sony, probably due to a mixture of things, including pulling out of E3 and the current PS4 censorship policy that’s ruining all the good games on the console.

There’s also Iconoclasts, which initially caused some ruckus during its release, where gamers questioned just how much SJW influence was in the game, and it turned out that there were some black lesbians in the game, which has become a staple trope for Social Justice Warriors to include in games, comic books, and movies.

Soma isn’t a bad game, though, and it’s a shame it’s getting hate for a lot of the disgruntlement aimed at Sony due to many of their bad decisions. But unfortunately that’s how the dice fall in these sort of situations.

Nevertheless, if you’ve wasted your cash on a PlayStation Plus membership, you can look to get your hands on the six games starting December 4th.

(Thanks for the news tip zac za)